Kaspersky PURE Receives Gold Award in Parental Control Systems Testing

By Kaspersky Lab
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that Kaspersky PURE, its comprehensive home network protection solution, came first in tests designed to measure the effectiveness of the parental control modules of ten of the industry's leading security solutions.

In June 2010, and for the first time in the industry's history, the respected independent Russian information and analytics center, Anti-Malware,conducted testing on the parental control modules of ten of the leading protection solutions for home networks and Internet users. The aim of the tests was to determine just how effective each solution was at filtering out unwanted content. The solutions were installed on local computers running 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 as the browser.

Each solution had to block access to the same set of adult sites. The test used 2,400 links to unwanted resources taken from the popular search engines Yandex, Google and Bing. The search requests were in both Russian and English and used adult content keywords. Eight hundred links were selected from each search engine's results, four hundred in Russian and four hundred in English.

Kaspersky PURE demonstrated the best results in the test and deservedly received a Parental Control award.Kaspersky Lab's solution provided the best overall level of filtration for links to unwanted sites – 96%. The filtration of resources resulting from requests in Russian was 95% and as high as 97% for those in English, considerably surpassing the results achieved by the other solutions, all of which failed to reach the 90% mark. Kaspersky PURE was the number one solution for filtering both Russian and English websites, which guarantees that it is highly effective in protecting both Russian and English-speaking users.

“We pay considerable attention to developing parental control technologies as we believe that it is crucial to protect children and teenagers against unwanted Internet content,” said Andrey Nikishin, Director of Cloud & Content Technologies Research for Kaspersky Lab. “Kaspersky PURE is both effective and easy-to-use. It helps parents to be firm and at the same time flexible when labeling sites and defining the subjects to which access can be granted.”

More information about the tests is available at: www.anti-malware-test.com

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