Bello Matawalle's Competence, Patriotism & Loyalty Serve As Cutting-edge For Him In Tinubu’s Administration

By Ayodele Bayode
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Dr Bello Matawalle (MON) (Minister Of State For Defence)

Precisely in August 21, 2023, the inauguration of 45 ministers into the Federal Executive Council accordingly took place at the Conference Centre of the State House, Abuja followed by their oaths-taking.

Since then, these distinguished Nigerians who are otherwise called Ministers of the “Restored Hope Agenda”, have continued in their best to deliver President Bola Tinubu’s eight-point agenda as stated in his election manifesto to wit: national security, economy, agriculture, power, oil and gas, transportation, education, and healthcare, with special emphasis on economy and security.

What immediately stands out about this cabinet is the appointment of minister of state for Defence, Dr Bello Matawalle (MON), the immediate past Governor of Zamfara State. Without bias, it is always very easy for members of the public to pick and choose from a team, who they like more within a team having identified the uniqueness of that special and patriotic individual who places high premium on national security and development.

While it is appropriate to acknowledge collective success in every good and performing team, it won't also be out of place to single out an individual for recognition, award and merit for placing national interest above anything else which is unique in our body politic.

To our amazement, Nigeria today is incredibly made up of successful team led by a great and resourceful manager, who is sorounded by dependable assistants and lieutenants who have a strong appetite to put the country on the right track for socio-economic advancement and prosperity. With no iota of doubt President Tinubu has knack for assembling technocrats and a team based on competence, especially those who shared his vision of good governance, thankfully Bello Matawalle tops the list.

As one of the architects of the Federal government’s integrated security review, Dr Bello Matawalle as Minister of State for Defence with other key stakeholders largely focused on developing hi-tech areas of the military to wage war against, insurgency, banditry, kidnapping, religious crisis and other form of violent crimes impeding development and growth in the country.

Part of Matawalle's most significant achievements has been his ability to persuade the seat of power to provide proper funding for the military to boost their morale, which was not always forthcoming under his conservative predecessors. He has penchant for plugging some of the funding gaps in key equipment programmes, and helped to re-establish defence as one of the Government’s key spending priorities so that Nigeria can be safe and secure.

Consequently, Matawalle's recent visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to attend a conference of Ministers of Defence from Africa, Europe and Arab nations also opened fresh opportunities for the country to collaborate with more nations in working out strategies on issues that can help in mitigating the persistent and excruciating security challenges bedeviling the country.

With no intent to undermine the highly revered office of the substantive Minister of Defence; the reality is that Matawalle’s term as Minister of State for Defence has helped to provide the much-needed period of stability in the country. It is simply right to salute his courage, patriotism, dedication, commitment and hardwork for the unique way he is attending to his duties in the ministry, which is unusual, and which promises to bequeathe to the nation, a Defence Ministry that will be exceptional by every standard.

Matawalle's performance as Zamfara State Governor clearly puts him on the good side of history having recorded meritorious records of excellence and good governance. As a leader with uncommon performance, he should be encouraged to give more in his commendable performance in the Tinubu’s administration, which everyone believes will give Nigeria an exemplary leadership.

His competence, hard work and absolute loyalty to his country utterly puts him in a rightful position as the candidate to clinch the endorsement as Best Minister so far in President Bola Tinubu’s administration with empirical facts and evidences. Indeed Matawalle's endurance and fortitude to attain a prosperous, safe, united and peaceful Nigeria have marked him out for greater glory in the interest of all.

*Bayode is a journalist and public affairs analyst

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