Aging idiots want South unity with oppressive-North

By Akol Ayommadingthon Wekdit
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There are gangs of rabble-rousers-rousers and unpatriotic liberals who are circulating thought-provoking stories that separation of the South will cause inter-tribal conflict. South will crafted tales that causes and evoke political phobia in many people, especially those with BIG emotional quench, could be described to be master-minded some southern aging idiots who are bribed such that they skillfully preach their gospel to let the South under the yoke of the North forever . Those uncouth individuals are preaching what will end up on garbage heap.

Those bootlickers should know that all Southerners are in close contact like cars gears to achieve long overdue ultimate goals. It makes sense and a boon for those puppets to devote some of their time in libraries going through books of history.

The purpose of teaching history to is given the present generation. Such a complete and reliable picture of the past such that the students will be able to arrive at an intelligent comprehension how and why present political development comes about.

It is shallow to jump start misleading the South. It will be curse forever because you do not know what happened in those years 1820-1884-1885-1898-1954, and 1955-1972.

In 1990 the barbaric design of Islamic front against the South by pitting Black Muslim against non Moslem black (Have Arabic version of it read that 40-man committee of Islamic front last year planned programmers for South Sudan including called Islamic militia paid by Islamic Banks. And 40-man committee ambers of the militia. The document continues to say that Arab only armed with all assortments gum and be in command of ministers of defense?

With such a plan who can oppose the separation of the South in three months?

We're calling upon international community to come to our help and diplomatic mission of the South Sudan turn their consults into Embassies upon declaring the independence immediately January, 2011.

Akol Ayommadingthon Wekdit, South Sudanese journalist

NBGS- Aweil
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