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By NBF News

Oh, how I wish it would rain over me, with my skin drenched to glittering. How I long for the clouds to pour. I wish I had a sickle; then I would reap the rains, cutting the bags; to give me showers. How I wish the very drops will be diamonds

We all have wishes, dreams, aspirations and visions of a better life. We all want to get to a place where there's water flowing free from the rocks, the sun never sets, where there's gold in the streets and the air is always fresh. These dreams are forever before us and our days depend on what we do about them: enjoy talking and dreaming them or working them out.

Life gets ruthless with chances. You know, as I know, there are times you've tried and tried at something and your very high hopes just got dashed to the ground. Round after round of failure, but the best part is the trying.

Dreams are like air. They got something for you to breathe on and get your energy to drive forward. But dreams alone are just dead without working them out. They would stay in your mind; they would burn lower and lower as time fades out. Dreams are for a purpose; from when we're born, we have fragments of our purpose and dreams already building up, and as time rolls out, it all gets clearer.

For every dream, there are tools; for every vision there is a pathway. How long have you waited for diamonds to fall? How long have you waited for some magic? How long have you prayed? How long have you been wishing? Wishing won't take you anywhere, simply dreaming; for me; it's the most painful thing to do. You know why, it's like burning your heart out. Yes, it's killing, because, this is what you're made of; this is who you are, but it has no material representation in the real world, there's no tangibility, no touchable and visible results.

Hey! Do not get deceived. Your skills and talents are there for you to trade for a living and guarantee you long life because they are the things you would do with the greatest ease and the least of stress. They would give you joy and happiness and keep your heart pacing sweetly. They are the tools and equipment you will use to work the clouds for rain. Maybe I should drive that in a little deeper. You see; you start on this planet, a little confused; you take the path defined by society; school, work, get rich and marry. But in all of this, we're all born with something inside. That thing is the only thing that will get us to the place of fulfillment. When we get too engrossed following after the set lines of society, the dictated methods; then fake colours that tend to know what you should do against what you're made for.

Don't get me wrong. It's great to follow society; but you must first listen to yourself. You must understand how to integrate yourself and your dreams into society and let the resources in the society work for you. Don't bury your own purpose for pure societal expectation. The reason you're still dreaming, instead of working and moving, is because you are too careful pleasing society and working the machinery. This makes you lost; continually in prayers and pleading. What God expects from you, if you must know, is to put in the effort and he will give you the help.

There's a reason you have a brain, hands, feet, a soul and then a set of skills. The reason is that you will use them to till resources for yourself, not pray it down; you will work the earth to create your own empire, your own happiness. You can't pray diamonds down! If they're in your backyard, you better get the digger and the shovel and dig, or it's going to be a very long life for you; those who've been giving you bread will soon get tired. The man giving you shelter will soon be weary of your lazy attitude. He goes out to till the clouds. He sees you sleep early and wake late. Then he returns and you're still in the house in front of his expensive flat screen TV. He's soon going to get weary, yes… very weary.

It's high time you started tilling. You've been given tools in the form of skills, reasoning and the dream itself! It's like your body; keep it dormant and bloat its heart from the obesity of stagnation. Add work to your dreams; exercise, stretch, take a jog with your mind, get your hands lifting the weights of risk, train your mind for the battles, be ready to face life's lashing. It's a training, the same way you would pull up for stronger arms; that's the same way you would train and hone your skills and gifts until they are able to make way for you to succeed.

What is the story of the few successful? It's their dedication, vehemence, focus and most importantly; knowledgeable work. Who do you look like when you're always begging for rain? You look like a lazy man who wants it the easy way; you look like a thief; you want it cheap; you want it damn too easy for it to make any sense! So you want to pray it down; you want to wish the castles to grow out the ground, but I'm sad (or rather happy) to announce; the earth is permitted to only grow crops and trees, to house worms and dirt that feed the plants, if you must have that fortune, you must till; weed out the wild crops; plant good seeds and water them.

Again, the clouds don't rain any diamonds; it will never rain diamonds, you'll only have ice pieces smacking cold on your skin! Well, they do look like diamonds, but they'll melt into the ground so fast you won't have them anymore. Wake up! Your feet are already getting swollen and bloated. Your mind is forgetting your gifts.

Pick up your sickle and reap. Tear the clouds deep. Get rain to keep in store. Water your crops. Dig for your diamonds. Make your own life work!

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