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By NBF News

In the beauty, fashion,wellness industries, so many people indulge or use all kinds of approach to getting the best out of them. These three aspects of lifestyle can hardly be neglected in life but, how you go about achieving the best out of them matters a great lot.

The GLITZY-RAZMATAAZ of lifestyle I call them!! In the other spheres of life, one can hardly avoid getting involved with them while packaging yourself for a proper and appreciable BODY IMAGE. Over the years in my experience as a BODY IMAGE COACH, I have been studying people's attitude towards them. Now if you are a male reading this paper and about to flip to the next page, hold it! I know you are thinking this is for the females only, but you are wrong. My gist today concerns both males and females.

BEAUTY/HANDSOMENESS: Every woman wants to step out looking her best starting with the face. I use the face because that is the first part of the body people concentrate on. Majority of women will tell you they have no time for——-'Good morning to Jesus' , preparing breakfast for kids and hubby' but can spend almost half an hour painting their face in the name of make-up. Old readers of BW know I do not condemn making up but try to advice women on the method and techniques of application. Make-ups are supposed to enhance every woman's beauty but most women 'paint' instead of enhancing their beauty.

A situation where a very dark skin lady wears pink, purple blush on her cheeks; green, yellow eye shadow is——'NONSENSE OF BEAUTY'.

How about lip gloss that runs over the entire lips looking like where someone smears a bottle of groundnut oil all over? A hairstyle that looks like an alien from mars? Hey, if you can still look good without any trace of make-up, go on, be your self and do not be tricked into doing it because others are into it. You are blessed, so let your skin shine through and be you!! Be yourself instead of painting and looking like a 'Royal Mess' and making a 'NON- SENSE of your beauty.

For men, women also admire men who step out looking cool but a situation where men wear stinky dread locks, bleach their skin? You have missed it guys!! Zero points!! Talk about a woman bleaching but a man with bleached skin? A-uuc-hh- simply a NONSENSE of Handsomeness.

FASHION arena affects both males and females and these days men are even taking over from women. Now as a woman, are you cool, calm and calculated when it comes to fashion or are you a fashion GOAT? Sure! A woman who is a fashion goat chases after everything in vogue; whether they suit her or not, if she can afford them or not. A fashion goat can sell her TV to prepare for a celebrity hangout; sells her womanhood for a gala night designer's outfit. NONSENSE of Fashion!!!

Empty life!!!
For the males, if you sleep with rich white gay men for a wardrobe update with Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss suits, golden watches, shoes etc. Simply, a NONSENSE of Fashion. Not-worth-it-at all!!

Finally, on WELLNESS which involves what we eat and keeping fit to maintain our body. Some people just pretend and cheat themselves. Or is it ignorance? Maybe both!! How about planning a diet for a lady who wants to shed weight and, instead of telling you the truth of what she loves to eat she keeps lying about it. If you cherish to devour a full plate of amala, eba, fufu, tuwo with egusi, ewedu, okro, oha soup, in the morning, instead of water, fresh fruits and fresh brewed black coffee; why not be honest about that? If you tell someone like me lies about your diet while you have paid me to plan a healthy diet for you, you get the wrong solution. Period! I have to work on/with what you tell me and modify your diet but when you lie about it, —it makes a- NONSENSE of your wellness.

For the male folks, when you are placed on a diet and your last meal of the day goes as late as 11pm and mostly hard carbs, and you also secretly share green and black bottles with the boys, after playing a good round of lawn tennis, squash; then all your efforts makes NO-SENSE. During breakfast madam serves you two slices of toast and you scream at her asking if you are a baby and angrily reaching for half of a big loaf. You register at a gym and never train till it expires;all these are NONSENSE of WELLNESS.