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Pedigree. I was privileged to have occupied a unique position of leadership compared to other aspirants for the Yobe South Senatorial seat. The office of the HOS requires education, consistency, good disposition and the right temperament. None of the aspirants matched my qualifications in terms of education, experience and exposure. I am not out to run anybody down, but I was on grade level 16 as far back as 1988.

Riches in Potiskum
Potiskum, headquarters of the senatorial district or zone 'B' 'is the intellectual house of Yobe State with highly qualified manpower and greater portion of solid minerals in the state.'

There was the need to dispassionately look at the problem of the zone within the larger context of Yobe and the development of Nigeria as a country for the integration of resources and initiation of necessary actions. These days, emphasis was being placed on the need for diversification of Nigerian resources. Yobe South Senatorial District is capable of providing raw materials for the sustenance of a number of industries and factories in the country. The zone boasts of high quality of diatomite, gypsum, limestone, kaolin among other solid minerals in commercial quantities as well as agricultural resources.

There were signs of petroleum resource in the zone. As Permanent Secretary of Land and Surveys, a study was carried out where some areas within the zone were earmarked because of discoveries of the people drilling wells and a lot of blackstone were found.

Within the area of Damagum, there was abundance of water that could be harnessed for the larger populace of the state. Yobe was the only state without any fully developed dam while the water resource in the area was discovered by the government of Alhaji Goni in 1981 but that subsequent governments of the then northeastern state never did anything.

I promise to pursue a policy that would discourage importation of raw materials into the country for concentration on those in the country, and for the harnessing of the resources in the zone to make the state the most economically viable state for the nation's economy.

Genuine interest
Many people were into politics for personal and parochial interest. He advised the electorates to always ask aspirants what they stand to gain as a community if they eventually give their mandate. The politics of yesteryears was far better than what obtains today. People should look at the antecedents of political office seekers.

My major concerns was for the development of the youths. I have sent many youths who abandoned schools back to pursue education because I felt very uncomfortable when those who would be leaders of tomorrow waste their lives when they ought to acquire education this time for their tomorrow.

'I paid school fees for many to change their lives for the better. I was schooled up to masters' degree level with public funds within and outside the country in those days.'

I am retired, but not tired.
Inability of top government officials to interpret policies responsible for failure

In this republic, PDP is the dominant party and it has the culture of impugning people when it fails to perform. The major problem of the central government was that many of the technocrats were unable to interpret the policies and actions of programme of the government. If given the opportunity, Abdulrahman boasted that he would perform far better because he well-versed in administration and management.

Problems of ministers and permanent secretaries
I suggested the need for governments of both federal and states to organize workshops and trainings for executive members to avoid clashes between ministers or commissioners and permanent secretaries.

Each level of government has its own limitation and an understanding of their respect functions would trash various problems that have been responsible for frictions and bottlenecks that affect smooth operations in government. There were documents for ministers or commissioners and permanent secretaries that must be studied for every official to know his or her bounds, he said.