Michigan’s Voters Make Their Voices Heard Loud and Clear in the 2024 Primary:

By AmericaAmerican Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA)
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The American Human Rights Council salutes all voters who actively participated in the presidential primary elections on February 27. This primary was a long-awaited date and time for voters to meet the challenge related to the ongoing Biden administration's unconditional support to the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza. Those the administration has been ignoring took this primary as an opportunity to send a clear message of disapproval.

Voters within the Arab and Muslim American communities’ side by side with other peace-loving voters were determined to cast enough votes as Uncommitted for both the Democratic and the Republican presidential candidates.

Numbers clearly speak volumes. Over 100,000 uncommitted votes were cast in the Democratic primary. In addition, the Biden Campaign lost in Dearborn, a major city that Biden won in 2020 by a big margin. Voters in Dearborn and across Michigan delivered a clear message of disapproval of the Biden administration’s unlimited support of the most right-wing government in Israeli history. 33,000 voted Uncommitted in the Republican primary.

Adding these numbers shows clearly that there is a strong rejection of the complicity of the Biden administration in the Gaza genocide.

According to AHRC’s exit survey, a sizable number of voters wrote in Free Palestine and other options. Many others indicated that they voted for former President Trump to protest Biden’s Gaza policy. Adding these numbers attests to the success of the Uncommitted and the Abandon-Biden movement’s mobilization making this primary historic.

AHRC salutes all the voters and the countless dedicated and enthusiastic young volunteers who worked tirelessly urging voters to vote and worked the voting polls all day. The youth played an instrumental role in motivating voters to get out and vote and not surrender to despair.

AHRC urges the voters to build on this momentum moving forward and not allow anyone to deceive them or mislead them.

“Despite the Biden campaign’s attempts at downplaying the seriousness and significance of the Uncommitted campaign, activists on the ground knew better and were not surprised by the strong outcome,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “Indeed, the outcome exceeded the Biden Campaign’s and the Biden administration’s expectations,” added Hamad. “The Democratic voters want a ceasefire and are very angry at the administration for its support for the genocide in Gaza; we urge Mr. Biden to heed the call,” concluded Hamad.