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Jonathan and his 1,027 Drummers


It is good that President Goodluck Jonathan is bringing out his true colour as one cannot rate any human being until given absolute power. Jonathan should realize that those drumming for him now to contest the 2011 presidential election are only trying to make him not to be a hero that he is destined for.

Apart from trying to usurp a position given to him by share luck, for Jonathan to allow such a huge number (said to be 1,027) of the so-called support groups should not be ignored or treated by any sane person with silence. We are now confronted with a monumental situation more than that which Abacha was accused of and a far cry from Akwa Ibom Governor Akpabio's supposed 130 support groups. And all those are being formed with commonwealth of the citizens. Government's fund was used to put up the shameful advertisements in many newspapers calling on all the 1,027 groups of Jonathan's to assemble for harmonization, and Jonathan watched and was happy about this?

What became the outcome of the assembly is no more news. While addressing the unorganised groups that day, the FCT Minister jettisoned his job as a Minister (as quoted in the media) saying in a way of jester that ' Goodluck Jonathan is also a northerner' because he would be vying to complete Yar'Adua/Jonathan eight-year tenure during the 2011 Presidential election. What a stupid and senseless statement from someone in such a ministerial position; he may have thought he was talking to nonentity Nigerians. All what the above actions depict mocking of democratic norms by people in power in the present day Nigeria . And definitely it is sending a wrong signal. Jonathan is advised in his own interest in particular and the nation in general to jettison the idea of trying to usurp, wrongly, the opportunity divinely provided for him to serve out the present tenure of the late President Umaru Yar'Adua.  

Dr. Akin Jamiu  
64 Akilo Road Ogba - Lagos