Super Eagles' Loss To Ivory Coast: Why I'm Not Shocked

Source: Sylvester Udemezue Esq.

Yes, I'm not shocked because someone had to lose, after all. What shocked me was seeing some Nigerians (of all tribes) earlier today and few days before, praying hard and speaking out openly for their own country to lose the cup, and (rightly or wrongly) predicating their omnious wishes for Nigeria on the fact that a win for Nigeria would be inconsistent with the current ugly, dangerous situation and debilitating suffering, frustrations in Nigeria. So, and this is very unfortunate, while our boys were busy preparing hard to lift the cup, some of their countrymen at home, were busy praying aloud and fasting for their efforts to come to naught.

Thus, one can say that gallant Super Eagles played against four opponents: (1) the intimidating ivorian crowd in the pitch, (2) the Ivory Coast team itself so hardworking, (3) the match officials unashamedly against the Nigerian side, and (4) some angry, frustrated, disillusioned, disenchanted fellow Nigerians (including those who are either dead, in kidnappers' den, had lost relatives at home to worsening insecurity, or living in frustration following worsening economy) praying hard for Nigeria's downfall.

No wonder our Super Eagles were disorganized, uncoordinated throughout the match, unlike their previous precious matches; they were battling against both seen and unseen forces!!!!!

What an irony!!!
What an irony!!
What a country of divided citizenship, loyalty!
Something is fundamelly wrong with Nigeria!
Sad 😭
The earlier we stop pretending about it, and start looking for the solution, the better for us.

I suggest we sit down and talk as Nigerians. William Jennings Bryan said, "There can be no settlement of a great cause without discussion, and people will not discuss a cause until their attention is drawn to it”

George Bernard Shaw said, “New opinions often appear first as jokes and fancies, then as blasphemies and treason, then as questions open to discussion, and finally as established truths”. We should seek by all means in our power, to analyse our challenges, possible causes and solutions, by trying to remove them, through discussions in a spirit of collaboration and good will. We can overcome our challenges and make greater progress if we can start refocussing our priorities and prioritizing the focus of our discussions and action plans. I leave it there.

Meanwhile, dear Super Eagles, sorry. You were/are noble, gallant warriors. Congratulations on your obvious-sterling performance. Sorry about the outcome. While in every contest, someone has to lose for another to win, the question that bothers many a Nigerian (including me) is why it must be Nigeria that had to lose for the Ivorians to lift the cup! Besides, didn't the Nigerian side deserve that cup considering the high sacrifice , including of human beings (those who had died watching and cheering Nigeria)? We should have won!

Well, all said and done, it's well with Nigeria.

What else should I say for a country I love?
May God help us!
Sylvester Udemezue
Reality Ministry of Justice (RMJ),
[email protected].

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