Yul Edochie Declares, 'Being Born Again Is Not A Criteria For Heaven'

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular controversial Nollywood actor turned pastor, Yul Edochie has dropped a statement which has caused a buzz on social media.

The controversial star revealed that being born again is not an assurance for making heaven.

Yul shared this comment on his Instagram handle, he stated that many christians are just born again, but they do not have the spirit of love, kindness and fairness.

To further emphasize his point, he said; “Being born again is not an express ticket to Heaven. Many born-again Christians have the wicked hearts you can ever find on earth.

“My God says; embrace love. Free your heart of wickedness & hate. Love everyone, whether they’re Christians or not. Be fair & just in your dealings. Bear no grudges.

“Spread love & kindness. Treat everyone equally. Let your presence bring light into people’s lives. Be a good person.”