Goodseed Daily Devotional  10th February 2024

By Good News Bible Church London
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Apostle George Amadi & Pastor Chika Amadi (Lead Pastors: Goodnews Bible Church, London)

SCRIPTURE: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Matthew 5:6.
Beloved, spiritual hunger is key to spiritual treasures (Matthew 5:6). Be it treasures in the Spirit or treasures of the Word, your level of hunger is key to accessing spiritual treasures.

Hunger can be reinforced with fasting. When hunger becomes reinforced with fasting, it breaks forth into light. You can be so hungry for God that you decide to wait on the Lord for a couple of days in fasting and prayers. You can be so hungry to know the Word of God or understand certain things about your life and destiny that you add fasting to the hunger. When you do this, it explodes into light (Isaiah 58:5,6,8).

Please understand that hunger gives birth to treasure and when hunger is amplified with fasting, it breaks forth into light.

Let it be clear that the major purpose of fasting is not to prove to God that you can suffer yourself. The major purpose of fasting is not to prove our level of spirituality. A major purpose of fasting is access to insight.

In the period of your fast, one of the greatest things to trust God for is to show you one light that can terminate your night. Whether it is light in the Spirit or light from the Word, one light can terminate your night.

Beloved, while fasting, be on the lookout for what God will say. Be on the lookout for Scriptures that will open afresh to you. Be on the lookout for a life-changing revelation.

Please let’s all fast in Goodnews Church Worldwide Tomorrow (Monday) – we shall all break the fast together via an online connection. All members worldwide are invited to join .

  1. Ask God for a fresh baptism of hunger for His Word.
  2. Amplify your hunger for God with fasting to explode in light.

PRAYER: Thank You Lord for Your Word to me today. I ask for a fresh baptism of hunger for You, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

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