Abusive Abubakar Audu forces wife to pay $4,000/month as rent

Source: huhuonline.com

Traditionally, a father's role in a household is to serve as a provider and protector, but when a man willingly chooses the path of an infidel, and abdicates his responsibilities, to his wife and young children. Then one begins to wonder and ponder; if such a man, can abandon his own biological children, what will be the fate of his constituents, if given another chance at the government house in Lokoja.  

  Huhuonline.com can disclose that former governor of Kogi state, Prince Abubakar Audu is currently on a war path with his wife and former first lady, Aisha Audu, over occupancy of their Potomac , Maryland home. Having thrown her out of their Asokoro home, over flimsy and unsubstantiated accusation of plot to poison him through food, orchestrated by the former governor's first daughter, who still lives at home and doubles as her father's unofficial pimp and enforcer.  

  After two months of homelessness in Abuja , pregnant Aisha relocated to their Potomac Maryland home, and began her prenatal care. But the Prince of Aloma would not hear it. Consequently, he hired thugs to forcibly remove Aisha and her children from the home. Our check reveals that when the thugs arrived, they threatened and terrorized Aisha and her children, until law enforcement was called to remove the thugs. Subsequently, Aisha was hospitalized as result of the trauma received from the Audu`s hireling, while her two sons (Abubakar Suleiman Audu and Shazali Mohd Audu) who were severely traumatized by Audu messengers, are still in therapy as at press time.  

  Nevertheless, the former governor is remorseless, and has obtained a court judgment, demanding that his wife Aisha, who just delivered a baby in July, and is currently unemployed, pay $4,000.00 (four thousand dollars) as rent to Prince Abubakar Audu`s Company, Gold Window LLC.    

The Potomac , Maryland Home :  
Purchase in 2001 for a whooping sum of one million seven hundred and nineteen thousand Nine hundred and fifty four dollars ($1,719,954.00), the Potomac , Maryland home is located on 12301 Glen Road .   Huhuonline.com understands that when US real estate agents, asked Prince Abubakar Audu, about the source of the One million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars cash, he paid for the Potomac house, Prince Audu Abubakar said that the funds was an inheritance. However, sources close to the former governor disclosed that he did not have privileged up bringing, and could have not have inherited such funds.

  Continuing, the source added that Prince Abubakar Audu`s father, was an Igalla chief, who lived from hand to mouth, and avowed the funds were loots from Kogi state.  

  Nevertheless, our investigation reveals in order to shield himself from the intense scrutiny of EFCC, Prince Abubakar Audu clandestinely transferred ownership of the house to his company, Belside properties LLC, for the sum of One dollar ($1). Belside properties LLC, is jointly owned by the former governor, and his son, who was a student in Washington DC .

Document obtained by huhuonline.com reveals that on 8/21/2002 , the company was changed from Bleside properties LLC to Gold Window LLC; and on 10/07/2003 . The entity Belside property LLC was forfeited for failure to pay property return taxes for 2002.      

Prince Audu`s Abuse of wife & Children  
Prince Abubakar Audu`s marriage to Aisha is nothing but turbulent, according to   documents obtained from district court of Maryland for Montgomery County, the former first   lady   recount   her ordeal. Hear her:  

  'The abuse started in december 2009, during the Christmas vacation at the above address. We had argument over issues of where to have my baby, because I was already over 16 weeks pregnant and also on issues of where they kids will school. Since they will have to be with me, if I am having the baby here, because I already started anti-natal with my GP'.  

  'The violence continued, he got physical by hitting, slapping, punching, throwing thing at me   and abusing me and my kids verbally in front of other including my step my step children, who were supporting him and this has continued since then even when we had gone to other places after the vacation. On getting to Nigeria things escalated and he threatened to eliminate me by all means, wherever I go. He had refused to continue paying the children school fees, while school was still on'.  

  'He then eventually locked me and the kids out of the house in Abuja and I was left with no option, but to return to our Glen Rd residence, because I was lucky to have our passports in a safe place'.  

  'Am still afraid for my life and since he has continued to abuse and threaten me, he even used his political thugs and his other children to make life hostile and frustrating for us, and   this has had   an adverse effect on my pregnancy'.  

'He vowed to eliminate me before the baby is born. I know all these is because if I have the baby it will affect his arrangements to marry a new wife under the same roof as these might affect or prolong his plans'    

However, for the protection Aisha and her young children from further physical and emotional scars, a Judge has since barred the former governor from contacting or visiting them.