Marriage or Divorce

By Melanie Miller
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People in this day and age only seem to be racist or wish to hate one another, what happened to the love? You're supposed to love one another, even your enemies. Don't feel hatred in ones' heart and caring for someone you barely know, is a good start.

I really never hated anyone, even if they stole from me, and I may have plenty of reason to feel hate in my heart, but what good would that do me? My ex husband stole a ton of my money and my other ex husband would repeatedly hit me and it was no picnic, living with either one of them, a thief and a drunkard. Now..I found myself a decent and loyal man, and he respects me enough to not lay a finger on me nor does he stray. He has been there for me through the rough times, and I am more then grateful to have such a decent soul in my life. He is my soul mate and he will always be the great love of my life. I will never leave him, for any man and we get along like peaches and cream.

Some folks just do not know how to love one another or know how to get along. Why argue? Life is too short. Love your husband or wife and be loyal to the one that loves you. Don't think that the grass is always greener on the other side, and just cause' the package looks good, does not mean that it is safe to open.

There are so many people that fight and bicker and what is the point of all this really, now really..what is the pt? Do you want to live in hate and bickering with one another? And if you can not get along with your spouse, maybe counceling is in order or a divorce. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not too late for you, you can always find someone new after you seperate or get a divorce..and if these are not suitable options here for you, then go to a therapist together. Remember how you once got along, how well you knew one another, how fond you wore of each other? can still rekindle that old spark, that old flame again, if you feel it is worth a shot. Don't give up yet, but if you can not see eye to eye, divorce may have to be the answer, and even if you have children or a child together, is not worth living in misery, now is it? But..if you feel it is worth it, give it another go around.

Yes love each other as friends, if your marriage is falling apart, and care for one another the best way you know how too. Still, love can surface and once the love returns in your heart, you can begin again. Well, as I mentioneat least try counceling if nothing you try works, as is best to talk to someone that cares and will listen. I used to go to a therapist and she feels that I no longer need therapy. I am not saying a therapist will always help mend your fallen relationship, but she or he can listen to your problems you may be facing and it is worth a try to salvage what little love you have between the two of you, and I hope that you take heed to my words and do what you feel is right in your heart. Remember, you only have one life, so best to make it a good one, for yourself and you are not here to please the world, you are here to please yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, it is much appreciated.

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