The True Meaning of Holidays

By Melanie Miller

There are so many holidays to select from to honor, or pay homage too. Do you enjoy having a birthday party or Christmas party? Some people do and some folks do not enjoy having their birthday as reminds them, that they are growing older. I myself, love holidays, any ole' kind will do and I love Christmas the most...brings out the kid in me.

Did you know that holidays wore invented to only celebrate once a year for a special occassion only? yes, tis' true, and holidays, all of them hold special meaning behind them. Some holidays, we American's do not even know of, like Canada Day and other holidays and or other festivals, we do not celebrate or even pay attention to.

There are Wiccan witchy holidays too, on Halloween and All Hallows Eve and usually are between the bewitching hours of 12 midnight to 2 a.m. and these are the sacred and special times to celebrate the dead or deceased and to cast any and all spells, rather is be voodoo spells, black magick spells or white magick spells. I cast any type of spells, mainly for love and money and of course protection spells for myself as well as for friends and family members alike.

You can make up your own holiday if you so chose too, and have a friend of yours celebrate like an anniversary, for the first time you ever met and made friends. Anniversary's are fun to celebrate and many couples do so, to pay homage or honor to the day they got married. I been married twice but never celebrated an anniversary before. If you prefer to just light some candles and have some roses from your spouse and a box of candy, is good enough.

Some people want expensive gifts for certain holidays, but the main thing here is that you're together, not the pricey expensive gifts one can receive on Christmas or another holiday. Remember, it is time you spend with a loved one or a dear friend.

I know I love getting gifts but I also know that friendship is much more important and I do not expect a loved one, family member, any one for this matter, to fork out a ton from their purse or wallet and buy me something they really may not be able to afford, and here people will put presents on hold until they have enough money or cash to pay for the item(s) they want to hand or give to someone they care for. cards always charge a percentage and here you must pay the credit card company, and is one major reason that I do not deal with credit cards or carry them with me...I much rather pay cash then anything else, and cash works for me.

So the next time, you feel you need to fork out a ton on gifts or presents for a family member or a friend or loved ones, think again! You can make crafts by hand or hand sew a doll dress such as I do, and have in the past and hand out to nursing homes, to old folks or elderly people, and put the dresses on a doll, of your choice, hand out to people that are in need, clothing and food to Salvation Army stores and just do your part. You can also volunteer at a nursing home on Christmas day and other holidays and read books to the elderly.

Do all you can to make a big difference to others around you, and do take the time to call some one long distance just to tell them that you are thinking about them...even if you can not afford to, once a yr. is suitable and mail post cards with your own art work on it, to friends and family members a few times a year and write them letters often as you can. You can send postal stamps to them so they can easily write you back, especially if it is an elderly person, and he and she can not always get a ride to the postal office and then they can write you or have a friend of theirs write to you. The importance is, communication is very important and once you stop communication with another individual, then what can I tell you otherwise?

You need to stay in contact with loved ones and not just during the holiday seasons or birthdays, but talking to them and or emailing your friends, is a good thing to do, just chatting with loved one's, will mean the world to them.

Well...I hope my article was informative and that you stay in touch with loved ones far away. Have fun making those crafts or cookies for them and mailing to family members or your friends...just make sure they are not too fattening, and make sure that you send some stamps so they can thank you! Thanks for reading my article folks, it is much appreciated and remember, holidays are all about reaching out to others, not just giving gifts to friends and family members.

the end