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Old Glory

By Melanie Miller

I recall as a child, we kids would said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, and is like some kind of crime as Kid's are being expelled and sent home. One can not even drawer a flag and put on it, 'God Bless America.' It may offend someone from a different culture and if they do not like it, go back to their country.

What is freedom of speech mean anymore anyways? It's as if, no one wants to follow it, and still we should have freedom of speech, but it appears as if, one not always has this God-given right anymore.

Yea...woman have the right to have an abortion, but not say what they feel is on their mind, this applies to men as well.

What is happening to this country, the good ole' U.S.A anyways? It appears that no one has the right to speak their mind any more. It's as if, America, is gonna be called...U.S.S.A. We are becoming more and more like socialism, and this is the truth here, that I am saying. Here kids go to jail for saying what? prayers in school, or reading a bible at school, reading it outloud to other kids at school? I say, let them read their bibles, as we need all the peace, love, strength and hope we can all get in this cruel world. Not that all the people are cruel, and here there will be more wars in the near future...and a child or an adult, can not even say '' Thank you God'' if we win a war, and I personally feel that they have the right to do so ( to be thankful to God). Prayer is essential to many people, so why take something away that someone has been doing for many yrs. and if it is such a crime, why not have them thrown behind bars yrs. ago?

And these churches are being burned to the ground as well. Now...tell me what all the sense is, in doing something so dasterdly as this cold act. People have a right to choose to prayer to whatever God or Goddess they so desire to worship, rather it be a male or female spirit or both.

Religion to many is a special as the old flag they see at places and buildings and there are many flags people put on display in their own living quarters but then again, someone sees it, of a different culture and or faith and tosses a fit about it, takes them to court for having it on display and what is the real sense of all of this now?

I say let people have the flag in their own homes and or have it outside their own homes, and if a child wants to drawl a flag then by all means they have a right to do so. I feel it is their right to drawl the American Flag and have it at their schools or have it in their homes and if anyone wants to get angry over the American flag being hung up on the walls at school and or homes, then they need to get a reality check and people that oppose of the flag, any kind of flag hanging up in their own homes, should think this much...People need to express their own way of showing they love the good old U.S.A. and allow individuals to express how they wish to feel, and if hanging a flag in their window at home makes them feel good luck will be on their side or they are simply proud to be an American, then what is wrong with this picture?

Well, if you know of someone that may be offended by seeing an American flag in someone's home, then maybe it is best to talk to the friend and tell them, "Everyone has the right to express themselves, whether it be a sketch or drawling." This is a free country, or so I thought it was...but maybe we are not as free as we used to be in this world. I only hope that one day, all U.S. citizens such as I can hang our American Flags outside or inside our homes and not be afraid to do so, and for now, I will keep my little flag inside my home and honor it and cherish it, even though, it only cost me one is the best one dollar bill I ever spent, and this is another thing, what if one day, we did not have money with the president's faces on them, what if they wore replaced by different faces or have no faces at all? Something to ponder on, am I right?

the end...

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