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Light of my Life

By Melanie Miller
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You are the light of my life.
I am honored and sincerly grateful to be your wedded wife.

You make love to me and it is wonderful to have you by my side.

We are a couple devoted to one another and our love is special.

I love you more then mere words can express, and when you caress me...

you caress my soul and heart along with it. are my destiny and inspiration.
All my heart and soul goes out to you alone.
No one can compair to you my one true love.
You are like an angel so full of love for me, and when you sing,

you sound like an angel indeed.
You are the wind, the rain and the lightening and whenever I am lonely and afraid,

I just rely on you to make me calm.
You are every dream I could summon up in the shadows of my mind and you are a rare

treasure find.
You are so warm, loving and kind and I am not blind, I can see that your love is real and not surreal,

and I know you feel loving feelings for me and me alone.

You are my one true desire, and you set my soul on flames and as I call out your name, you come to me,

no matter where you are at, you swifly come to me and hold me lovingly in your arms.

So stay with me my one true desire and always make my soul afire and stay with me no matter what I say or do.

Yes my love, I am here to say...I am so in love with you and none other will do, but you( for you are the light of my life.)

the end