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By NBF News

The president of the Association of Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ATCON) Titi Omo-Ettu has revealed that Nigeria is yet to have an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

Omo-Ettu,who was speaking during the alliance ceremony between his association and Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN) opined that an ICT industry would emerge only if computer, telecommunication and broadcast industries were managed unilaterally and not as a merger.

He also disclosed that the general goal of the alliance was to forge a seamless focus as advocacy groups to influence critical government policies at all levels with regard to the ICT industry with minimal discordance.

The technology radical ATCON president also stressed that the alliance was not a new association but fundamental principles of development, which must be same though other presentations of the other association or groups may differ.

While harping on the fact that the alliance strength lies in the independence of the parties. Adding that the major benefit of the alliance envisaged was to facilitate or help government to reach decision from advices from professional associations in such a way that the advice would not be discordant.

The duo of Gbenga Adebayo and Jim Olufuye,Presidents of Association of Licenses Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) and Information Technology Association of Nigeria(ITAN) respectively, further clarified that their groups remain professionally trained organisation that make independent decision.