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A lawyer and the National Chairman of the Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN). A lawyer, Mr. Idreez Ayinde Alabi has asserted that good governance in Nigeria was imperative saying 'even the whole world wishes good governance for Nigeria.'

The youthful legal practitioner cum politician, in an interview with Daily Sun in Lagos at the Weekend Nigeria stated emphatically that 'Nigeria needs good governance from whoever can guarantee it and that is the true story.'

Alabi, who said Nigeria belonged to all Nigerians, then warned that no section of the country hostage stated that good governance in the real sense of it was what Nigerians are yearning for.

His words: 'And that is why we do not have regard for zoning because, in the first instance, it is unconstitutional. So, for any political party to structure its constitution towards that line, to us in the opposition, is repugnant to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

'Nigeria belongs not only to all about 150 millions Nigerians at home but also to about 20 million living outside this country. It is not a sectional thing. No section of Nigeria can claim sole ownership of the whole country. If any section says Nigeria belongs to them, are they going to declare war on the other sections of the country simply because they did not get the presidency in 2011?

'If anybody thinks along that line, I am sure the Federal government would not allow that just the way it did not allow Biafra to be. No reasonable government would allow that to happen.'

While commenting on the newly amended constitution, the MMN boss described as nonsensical the retention of a clause that allowed cross-carpeting and indicted people to contest elections saying it was not acceptable.

'You desire constitution amendments and reforms. Reforms are there to correct the ugly parts. We are talking about reforms in this modern era and you still encourage cross carpeting. That means if you are a criminal, it does not matter, go there and continue your game. Is that what would help the current attitude of Mr. President campaigning for free and fair elections?

'If you put a criminal in an office, someone who has stolen so much money and he goes to the field, bribes his way through and emerges the President, what would you expect from such a person? Of course, it is not good for democracy. How can you allow cross carpeting? A party through which you have won your election, read their manifesto to the people and you now go back to a party that does not have manifestoes. How would you deliver dividends of democracy to the people?

'If you get there and you are not performing, you would not have anybody to answer to. This is the sincerity or otherwise of the people that proposed that amendment and they are celebrating over its passage. That is the danger that lies ahead not only for us but for the entire world.

'If the America or other western country desires that we have good election, this is where it starts from. If we say someone who is a rogue should not be indicted or if he is indicted, it does not matter, let him just go and contest, how do we get good governance and better society at the end of the day? These are the questions not only for Nigerians but for those who are interested in our progress,' Alabi submitted.

While disclosing that his party has got a presidential aspirant for 2011, he however said the party could partner with the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) to vote for Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), saying he was doing well.