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Having the Faith and Keeping the Faith

By Melanie Miller
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In today's society, there maybe not enough faith these days. I am here to tell everyone reading this article, that it is imperative to keep faith in one's heart.

I have a lot of faith in my soul.
A lot of folks have little or no faith at all...and it does not matter if you have faith in a stone or sky or mountain even, just as long as you have faith. Faith is a strong word, faith and hope, go hand in hand. I have so much faith that I can not believe it. I believe in many deities true, but I put my faith and trust in them.

Many folks believe there is only one God or Goddess and this is acceptable to me. I have wiccan witchy friends, pagan friends, religious friends of different beliefs and faiths...and I do not look down on them.

I believe there was a Jesus and that he died on a cross or stake. I feel He maybe a God...and there is another God called or entitled, Jehovah and I have Jehovah Witness friends that feel we will all come back to live on this earth again and some people feel heaven is where most people will land.

We are going to discuss hell or hades now. Do you believe there is a hell, a place of torment for those that done wrong deeds in this life time of theirs? There may very well be a place called Hell. I am not sure on this one but feel there is a place that wicked people land in, maybe not of torment but a place that is the grave and they simply turn to ashes and dust and do not get to live on earth again. This may very well be their punishment. But..whom goes to the grave or hell and not see the light of day again, when Judgement day comes, as I feel and believe there will be Judgement day. Will it be many Gods or Goddesses that judge us, will it be Jesus or many of his followers, deciples, whom judge us. What does the bible tell you? You may believe in the holy bible and feel it is all truth, or then may feel that is is half-truth, and many of the stories in it, are fables or false to you. What do you believe in? Do you honor your father and your mother, do you lie, cheat or steal, as these are wrong things to do. I never tell mean lies on others, nor do I steal, so tell me..will I make it to a paradise called heaven, or will I simply be in the ground? I do not know where I will land in. I do perform wiccan magick and this maybe a sin. I think witchcraft is against God's beliefs and maybe I should not be casting good spells even. In the past I would cast wiccan spells for others and now just for myself. I need a new dwelling to live in and casting spells that I will get a better home. Does this mean, I am sinning when casting this spell, am I coveting and begging a God or Goddess for a better home to dwell in?

I find nothing wrong with casting good fortune spells either, but many religious folks may disagree with me. I do watch religious shows now and then, but does this make me a better person for doing so? And I do donate new clothing for the children to have and I do donate money to some charities and what is wrong with this? Are not we supposed to help others, as the bible clearly states, "It is better, to give, then to receive." So apparently, I am doing some good deeds, to help others out. I even donated food, in the past and most likely will again in the near future. So what do you perceive about me? Do you feel I maybe religious or a Christian woman? I am just a woman, simple as that. I do not feel I am a real christian or anything like this, but feel I am just me and if people can not accept me for whom I am then they are not worth being around. Of course, I love all walks of life, even those that robbed me, all my good jewels, but Jesus forgave others, so can I as well forgive them. For they know not what they do is the holy scriptures will tell all people whom read this bible.

There are many bibles to chose from to read and the choice is really up to you, whichever bible you so wish to read. I myself read King James the most. I have a very old bible and it is the old testament bible. I read it sometimes as well, and must be most careful with the pages as it is very old indeed, printed in the 1940s and it is a good read. So..if you enjoy going to church, or a house of worship or reading a bible, this is your decision alone and only you can make this decision alone, and if you prefer to be of the wiccan or pagan faith is really up to you. It is your choice what faith or religion you wish to have in your life. Well, I hope my article was of some help to many people and that if you wish to become religious and worship Jesus or any other God and or Goddess, is up to you really, and I hope you have some faith or a lot of faith in the deity you select to praise. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, do drop by again as I may have other religious articles to read in the near future. Have a nice day.

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