Racism in Today's Society

By Melanie Miller
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Racism is wrong to feel. There are many people whom are prejudist. I personally see nothing wrong with people that wish to date someone of a different color or nationality. If an individual wishes to have children or a child, and she is caucasian, then she or he, has the right to have an african-american child or children or asian or hispanic for this matter. It is souly up to the individual themselves.

I have a friend, and she is white and has a child whom is african-american and she has the right to have any color of child, she wishes too. I have a niece and nephew whom are african-american and they are wonderful children. They call me aunt Melanie, and hug me at times. I am delighted to always see them when I get the chance too. They are young still, and attend school, and they may get made fun of, but I would never mock them or make fun of my niece and nephew, for any reason.

If one is predjudist and wants to be this way, they need to think about why they are this way for. I known people that are in cults and are this way, and do not believe in african-americans or hispanics or any one that is not their same color, faith or religion and they tend to feel that white people should not be with someone outside their color. This is just plain stupid and wrong to feel this way. I personally have dated an african-american male before and he is a nice man. He maybe married for all I know now..and we wore seeing one another for quite some time, so does this mean I am in the wrong here for dating something that is not my own color, or faith even?

What is wrong with people in today's society? What is wrong with marrying someone that is not your color or faith? I have a dear friend and she is white and married an african american male, and he is a wonderful man, treats her like gold, a queen, in fact he treats her, this well. I see nothing wrong or out of the way, by her marrying someone not of her own color. Her family opposes of their relationship though. They need to get a reality check, in my honest opinion and what makes the difference whom she decided to marry, it is up to her and her husbands' life and no one has the right to tell them whom to marry, not me, not the gods or goddesses, not the angels, no one. People are human beings no matter what color we are and people, have the right to be together, if they are of a different faith as well. The couple I mentioned, whom are friends of mine, that are married, are human beings no matter what faith they have, no matter what color they are, and I must be a good person enough to point out, that being predjudice is wrong, sickening in fact.

I have seen women that are of the white nationality with babies that are not of their same color, and I do not look down on the woman, and if a woman is raped by someone other then her color, she should not abort the child, as I personally feel...she should have the child and give him or her up for adoption ( if this is what the woman wishes to do) but this is an entirely different story altogether, one..I may discuss at a later time.

I know there are many folks that are not predjudice and are in love with their mate, no matter what color he or she maybe..and there are gays that date the same sex, so should I hate gays, no...I should not...and this is another story here, I may discuss about soon. I am all for gay rights to. If gay people wish to marry someone other then their own race and or sex, then this is entirely up to them.

All in all, it does not matter what sex or race or faith you see and date or marry, as the choice is entirely up to the individual.

I hope my story was of some sense and that anyone reading this article, whom is predjudice and feels I am right after reading this article, good for you. People need to realize that just because a white woman or white man or any race, whom wishes to marry outside his or her own race, does not make him or her a bad person and she or he, is entitled to marry or date whomever they wish to. Well thanks for dropping by and reading what I felt I needed to talk about. I only hope whomever is reading this, that my words will sink in and make sense to them, especially to those that are predjudice.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my story, it is much appreciated.