Ebonyi students describe Nwifuru' s Peoples Charter of needs mantraas a tool to develop Ebonyi

By Mbam Ogodo, Abakaliki

Ebonyi state students have described Governor Nwifuru's leadership agenda and peoples charter of needs mantra as means to develop the state and leave a legacy that would be emulated across the state.

Special Assistant to the Governor on Student Affairs, Comrade Joshua Nwafor stated this in Abakalik during this year’s International Students Day with the theme: Nurturing Ebonyi Students welfare through the People’s Charter of Needs.

Comrade Nwafor has said that the Governor has been addressing the diverse needs of Ebonyi State through his Charter of Needs manifesto.

“The People’s Charter of Needs of our dear Governor’s leadership agenda is not merely a document, it is a pact that symbolizes the government’s dedication to addressing the diverse needs of our students and her citizens.

“It serves as blueprint for creating an educational ecosystem that nurtures academic excellence, personal development, and overall student and citizens’ welfare”, he stated.

He called on the students to actively engage with the provisions of the “People’s Charter of Needs” manifesto of the Governor by providing feedback and actively participating in the initiatives outlined.

He described students as leaders of today and tomorrow and implored them to take advantage of their diversities and make impact in the society.

“Our students are not just leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today, contributing to the rich tapestry of our society.

“Innovation and creativity thrive in environments where people from different cultures meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other”.

In his remarks, Special Assistant to Nwifuru on Internally Generated Revenue, Martin Okwuegbu urged undergraduates to allow school to pass through them to be useful to themselves, their parents and the society.

He opined that there was need for the undergraduates to make impact after their studies.

He lamented increase in social vices in the society and urged the students not to indulge in them.

According to him, the issue of cultism and indecent dressing is now going on in different name.

He noted that on the base of content creation, people do all sorts of things just to attract fan base

“As we celebrate World Students Day and in line with the vision of the Governor, we should be able to pass through the school, the school will pass through us to be useful to the society. We should not things that we will not make impact in the society after coming out from school, we will not be able to impact to the society. We should be a light to the world

“From last dispensation to this currect dispensation, there is something new as far as students unionism is concerned and this year’s own is different because we are here to nurture Ebonyi Students through the People’s Charter of Needs.

“Students have always been the full beneficiaries of the policies and programmes of the present administration in the state.

“As we celebrate the International Students Day, there are many things the students need to ask themselves. There are many social vices going on in the social vices today and it begins at the tertiary institutions. Why did I say so?

“We should not be pressured by peer group. The issue of cultism, indecent dressing is now going on in different name.

“On the base of content creation, people do all sorts of things just to attract fan base, that’s not the way to go.