Abortion, is it Right or Wrong?

By Melanie Miller
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Do you feel abortion is right or wrong? What are your feelings on this one. I personally feel is it murder, to harm an innocent child and to abort the child is wrong in my honest opinion.

But..what if the child is deformed in some way, should a woman abort the child? Some people feel it would be a kind act, to abort the child or children in the woman's womb. I mean, why bring a deformed child into the world right, where they will suffer and get made fun off, mocked at and bullied by the kids' at school, am I right?

It is not a true statement here, but more of a rhetorical question. What do you think, how do you feel about abortion, do you feel the child or children in the woman's womb must suffer and the baby or babies do feel the pain, this I am sure of.

Young mother's today, well..some of them...do not want a child and they simply have an abortion~ I guess it is the ''in thing'' to do, is to kill an innocent child. Again not a true statement that I feel, I am trying to make a valid point here.

If a woman wants an abortion is really up to her, true...but why did she allow herself to get pregnant in the first place and these so called loving unwedded mothers, have abortions or someone that is seeing a married man, will have an abortion and just so the wife of his, does not find out. Yea, let's destroy a fetus, a live human being why don't we now! Let's make an infant suffer and simply abort it and toss the baby in a near by trash can outside the wonderful hospitals~ Where doctor's operate on people and save lives daily.

I know I would not want to go to any hospital like that!

Why do these women wish to do this, to an innocent child or children. She can always have the child or children, if they are twins, or triplets and give the child or children up for adoption. Someone will love the child or children enough to care for them or him or her. Don't abort your baby young lady or woman, if you are reading this, let the child or children live, let them have a chance of life. How would you feel if your mother aborted your baby sister or brother? How would you feel if you wore aborted? Would you like knowing the fact, a sibling was aborted and your mother and or father just only wanted one child, meaning you and had the new baby destroyed, as is what this is, destroying a human life!

Well if anyone is reading this, whom is contemplating on having an abortion and want the fetus destroyed, please ask yourself why you can not have this child that is growing inside you. Why abort the baby, simply because you do not want it, you may get sick at times, during your pregnancy or feel that you can not raise this child or children on your own, are these the reasons why, or because the child is not of your own race, what is the reason or reasons why you do not wish to bring another life into this world.

Maybe you feel you are not worthy to become a mother. Oh..that's a good excuse isn't it? So if you feel you need to have an abortion, think again. You may have a son or daughter that will love you and care about you..so why abort a child or children whom will love you? Don't you care about this child or children growing inside of you? I feel it is sinful to take an innocent child's or children's life. What gives any woman the right to abort a child or children, just because they can...or they want to, and feel it is fine and dandy to take a life?

This child or children have just as much right to live, as you do. Remember what the Ten Commandment's tells us and in the book of Exodus as well...Thou shalt not kill or Thou shall not murder.

The choice is really up to you, in fact..and I really can not tell others what to do, as is their body and their life and only a woman that is carrying a child in her womb has the right to decide what is best to do, for her self...but I am her to say, abortion is wrong and sinful and if one takes an innocent life, by having the child or children aborted, is no better than someone coming into your home and murdering you...it is plain and simple, murder in my own personal opinion. No matter how you slice it, it is still killing someone, and this person, a live human being, is growing inside you, think about this one, ponder on it for a while and see if you feel differently after reading my article.

Well...I hope someone reading this and is thinking or considering having an abortion, thinks again and does not harm a child by having this done to her body, but as said, it is your body and yours alone and even though I would like to inform women that it is wrong and sinful, still it is entirely up to the female what she feels is best for her and her unborn child. So if a woman feels it is best to have the infant or infants destroyed that are living human beings, then it is really up to the woman. Do the right thing though and think it over long and hard and if you have a woman friend that wishes to have an abortion, please allow her to read my article and see what she has to say about this. If you are against her having an abortion, talk to her about it, and she needs not to rush into anything, she needs to decide what is best for her, and I can not make this decision for her, and tell her she can not have an abortion...all I can say, it is wrong to harm a child or children and if she is against abortion herself, then good for her. More power to her. Well, do what is right you young or older women that are pregnant, and feel you maybe too young or too old to have a child as think on this one...you can always have the child or children and give them up for adoption.

Thanks for reading my article as it is much appreciated.