Understanding The Concept Of Human Distinctiveness In Relationships

By Yusuf Alhaji Lawan

During my undergraduate studies, there was a particular day I was privileged to attend the lecture of a famous educationist, whom I always derive pleasure listening to, especially for the quantum of immaterial resources he offloads. He is such a person that talks knowledge, research and experience. On that fateful day, he dwelled extensively to discussing the unicity of every human being. I learnt a lot from the betalk and I must confess that his ideas have impacted positively in me to the extent that I frequently reference him in my conversations with people.

There is a popular psychological theory called "The Uniqueness Hypothesis" which proposes that every person is a unique and one-of-a-kind individual, and that no two people are exactly the same in all regards. Some of these include physical features, such as height, weight, and eye colour. Others include psychological characteristics, such as personality, intelligence, values, behaviours and emotional tendencies. Additionally, every person has a unique set of experiences, memories, and beliefs that make him who he is. All of these factors combine to create a person, who is unlike any other individual in the world. While this is a theoretical proposition, there are also a number of researches that supports the idea that people are indeed unique in many ways.

This fascinating submission calls for appreciation of uniqueness of God's creations, proving His expertise as reality manifests before all. It also conform with the need for attentiveness, carefulness and consciousness on the part of human beings as it is evident that one must engage in interpersonal relationships which can come from multifaceted angles; at home, workplace, public, etc so that one will be responsible for his actions.

Family is an institution that lays foundation for societies. The generality of happenings in public space, positives and otherwise are mostly traced to this great menage. In a household where wards live with parents, uncles, aunties, siblings and other relatives in close distance, the key to success for the offsprings is obedience. If such is inculcated and it's able to find a vacuum in the minds of the new members of a family, with all the differences, harmonious relationship is bound to exist within them in particular and society in general.

From religious perspectives, marriage is seen as a spiritual exercise. Clerics preach love, respect, peace and understanding in matrimonial homes as contained in scriptures, read Qu'ran 30:21, Bible, the Book of Ephesians Chapter 5, verse 32 and many more. Achieving the aforementioned as decreed by the Holy Books require deep understanding of the nature of humans as distinct entities.

For peaceful coexistence and worthwhile relationships, institutionalization of formal pre and post marriage counselling in our societies are necessary. This is where realities and future expectations are discussed which seek to make couples ready for the journey ahead.

My retired Boss has a saying that "marriage is the only institution where one is certificated before commencement of studies and there is no graduation". Patience, compromise and consensus are the key words that ensures a happy home.

Understanding the differences of humans is also critical in business. From the angle of professionals, they believe that the person that buys helps the seller. There is the "consumer-centric" marketing concept which places customers at the center of a company's marketing strategy, and views them as the driving force behind a company's success. So, one can say that this marketing concept "crowns" the consumer as the "king" of the business, he is always right. The person who intends to venture into business needs to be acquainted with the prerequisite knowledge of dynamism in human behaviour to be ready for business life.

"Administrators communicate in writing." This is a succinct statement about civil service which is a very heavy one. The person who chose to grow career in civil service must be ready to eschew ego, pride and arrogance. The foundation upon which civil service is built upon is service, loyalty and dedication. Seniority is exerted. Different categories of people from religions, tribes, languages, regions, cultures, backgrounds, etc converge. Extra caution is expected for a happy ending.

Respect and humility for one another are adjudged as good moral etiquettes expected from every player in the public sphere. The fact that humans are different is a more reason why one must exercise restrain in interpersonal relationships.

The essence of understanding human distinctiveness is to recognize and appreciate the value of every individual. It's important to understand that every person is unique and has his own set of strengths and weaknesses, as well as his own set of experiences and perspectives. By understanding and appreciating these differences, we can learn to accept and respect each other, despite our differences. Ultimately, understanding human distinctiveness helps us to create a more tolerant and understanding world.

Lawan, a public affairs analyst wrote from Hausawa Asibiti Ward, Potiskum, Yobe State. The writer can be reached via [email protected].

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