PDP Group Berates Gov. Diri Over Tinubu Visit

Calls For Public Apology

By Temple Waribuko

The Bayelsa PDP Alliance for Democracy has, on Friday, frowned at Gov. Douye Diri's congratulatory visit to President Bola Ahmed at the Villa over what it describes as 'traces of anti-party' and obvious lack of commitment to the PDP ideal.

Speaking to newsmen on Friday, coordinator of the pro-PDP group Arc. Ekiye Akposeye said 'As a party we have just lost a key judgment. While the matter is still hot and we are trying to analyze the situation and come up with a position we see Gov. Diri frolicking with and congratulating the President'

'It leaves a lot to be desired as it breaks protocol. Our candidate Alhahi Atiku Abubakar who is the original winner of the Presidential elections should have been allowed to make a public statement or move first. The tells our party and candidate has never been respected and fought hardly for'

'We thereby give Gov Douye Diri a 12 hour ultimatum to publicy apologize to our party, to our candidate and our teeming support. Failure to do that will further demoralize our people and it will be evidenced in the outcome of the results'