AHRC That Hospitals And Healthcare Facilities Are At Risk Of Becoming Collective Graveyard In Gaza, Calls For More Advocacy For Peace And Justice In Palestine:

By AmericaAmerican Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA)
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The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) expresses its profound concern that Gaza's hospitals and healthcare facilities and system are about to collapse, leaving hundreds of patients, infants, children, women, elderly, and all at risk of death.

Words of sympathy and condemnation are not enough amidst this catastrophe. AHRC calls for action to provide immediate relief to Gaza.

Palestinians have been calling on the world, the United Nations, the Biden administration, and the international community to intervene to stop this ongoing crime against humanity. Unfortunately, Israel continues to ignore and disregard all calls for it to stop its genocidal demolition derby in Gaza. Israel has been callously and with a depraved heart using food, electricity, and water as weapons of mass destruction. Those who are not killed by the carpet bombing, Israel plans to kill them by the denial of food and water.

The daily images of the Israeli genocidal war against Palestinians should shock our conscience and result in action, not words. Gaza is not just an Arab and Muslim issue. It is a human rights issue, on the conscience of the whole world. The whole of peace and justice loving people are concerned and angry.

Humanitarian relief should not be trickling into Gaza. It should be a flood. Gaza's health care system should immediately get all its needs provided. Israel should face UN sanctions if it does not allow a flood of aid.

AHRC believes that allowing this genocide to continue is immoral and is against international law and all norms of decency. We urge all peace and justice advocates to continue to advocate for an immediate ceasefire, the end of the siege on Gaza and a real and just peace process.