By NBF News

When the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Frank Mba, a Superintendent of police was invited to an event organized by International Rescue Mission Chaplain (IRMC) in Lagos, recently, he never envisaged that it was his day of glory. But Mba was, at the event, presented with an award of excellence for his contribution to peace and tranquility in Lagos State.

The event was the passing out parade of members of the chaplain, commissioning of a basketball court built by the chaplain and the award presentation.

National General Officer Commanding, Training, in the Eastern zonal command of the chaplain, Louis-Egbuchiem said the chaplain is an independent religious organization that offers humanitarian services to Nigerians. He said the body consists of ordained clergymen, serving and retired military personnel and other uniform personnel and public-spirited persons.

Loius-Egbuchiem also said membership of the body is open to clerics and laypersons of 18 years old and above. He added that 'members of IRMC wear distinctive uniforms when in service for easy identification. The IRMC use ranks similar to those of the Nigeria Army and police, but it's not an entity of any of them.'

He said their mission is to 'combat all forms of crimes and to decongest prisons, remands homes, hospitals and refugee camps. Our vision is to build the broken walls of our great nation, Nigeria, to an enviable standard.'

The chaplain boss disclosed that their aims and objectives include training chaplains. 'First, to help in time of war civil disturbance, national emergencies and disasters; checkmate crime and conflicts, to end religious motivated violence, to provide ministerial support and assist active military personnel, veterans and their families, police, fire service, and the like; to carry out the work of evangelism, prayer meeting, crusades, seminars, preaching and camp meetings; to promote democracy and human rights defence and to give honour/award to people who served both the nation and their communities,' Egbuchiem said.

Mba, in his acceptance speech, advised the chaplain to watch out for other bodies that have been parading themselves as the chaplain, so that they would not tarnish the image of the organization.

The police spokesman also urged the body to partner with other security agencies, noting that their supportive roles would enhance successful operation.

'I'm most humbled by this award given to me today by International Rescue Mission Chaplain. I was not expecting it. I'm grateful. I have one word of advice for members.

Out there in this society, we have seen different societies masquerading as chaplain. Ensure that at all times you collaborate and strategise to work with security agencies. We have to work together. For us as police officers, we will support all legal activities that are capable of strengthening and projecting the rule of law from the grassroots level up. The task of policing is the job of everybody and that is why we have community policing,' Mba said.