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A businessman, Mr. Theodore Ogujiuba, had an accident several years back and was treated. He felt alright after the treatment. Suddenly, two and a half years ago, he started having severe pain in the head, which was not headache and occasional bleeding from the nose. He took all sorts of medicines for headache and added pain relievers, but the pain did not go away.

He went to Menfys Hospital for Neurosurgery, Enugu. There, he underwent all kinds of tests and investigations using angiograph, CT scan. Each CT scan cost him N60, 000 while he paid N I 00,000 per angiograph.

In his CT scan report by Dr Achebe, Ogujiuba has long standing temporal headaches associated with nausea and vomiting. 'Known hypertensive, becomes unconscious sometimes because of high blood pressure.'

He was referred to seek more medical attention abroad. He is preparing to continue his treatment at Jastok Hospital, India.

In their assessment report of the patient, Jastok Hospital noted that, 'Mr. Theodore Ogujiuba has persistent headaches with occasional bleeding from the nose. I have advised him to come down to Mumbai for his investigations and treatment in Jastok or Saifae Hospital, Mumbai at the earliest. It is estimated that he would incur an expenditure equivalent or about USD 20,000 (about N3 million).

'I invite Mr. Theodore Ogujiuba along with one family member to come to Mumbai, India for his medical treatment. I would do the arrangement for his hospitalization.' The assessment report was signed by Ammel Parlet.

Speaking with Daily Sun, Mr. Ogujiuba said, 'When I get to India, I am likely to spend five days in the hospital. Within those five days, so many tests will be carried out on me. The hospital in Mumbai will not use any of the tests done in Nigeria, they will do their own. The bill for the treatment those five days is USD 2.500 excluding airfares; feeding, accommodation and the extra person that will go with me.

'After that, whatever the test shows with the cost of the treatment, that is the whole package it will be about USD 20.000 to give about N3 million. That is what I am looking for.

'I did all kinds of tests in Enugu, I did CT scan, very expensive, each CT scan in Enugu is N60, 000 per shot, and angiograph is N I00, 000 per shot. In the hospital, you pay N15, 000 per night. You pay in advance. If you have balance, they give you. It was so expensive for me. It affected everything, including my business. I am a businessman, I deal on electrical and aluminum. It affected everything, including my home, I have four kids, all of them are at the university at the same time.

'I have tried to raise the money on my own, and cannot. I need help. Sometimes when the bleeding starts from my nose, it last for up to 30 minutes, to the point I will be unconscious and my blood pressure will rise astronomically. That is what I have been suffering from the past two and a half years,' he said.

Note: You can reach patient on Account Number: Theodore .G. Ogujiuba, Intercontinental Bank Plc 01655110000520397 or call 08034063544.