Mama Ambazonia Celebrates Southern Cameroon Women As They Commemorate “Takumbeng Mothers Day” Today

By The Nigerian Voice

An Ambazonian activist, Paulette Mengnjo aka MAMA AMBAZONIA, aka MISS P has joined voices with other well meaning Southern Cameroonians to celebrate Southern Cameroon women on the occasion of the anniversary of "TAKUMBENG MOTHERS Day".

Thousands of Southern Cameroon mothers who are refugees in Nigeria came out on September 22, 2017 to denounce the attrocities of the Cameroonian military on them and the people of Southern Cameroons.

Since then, every 22nd of September has been designated as "TAKUMBENG MOTHERS Day".

His Excellency Sisiku AyukTabe had asked the womenfolk of the Southern Cameroon to rise up and speak out against the Cameroonian authorities killings of their menfolk and children. The day became a day of declaration of the bold statement by Southern Cameroon women; hence commemorated annually.

The September 22, 2017 became a significant and historical date in the Books of the Southern Cameroons Liberation quest which has been ongoing since the uprising of November 2016.

Paulette Mengnjo's "Mama Ambazonia Initiatives" (MAI) is engaged in Humanitarian activities with Southern Cameroons refugees in Nigeria and has put up a package together with the support of DIRECT DEBITERS OF ELECTRONIC FOOD (a branch of MAI) and SISTER JESSI I from the USA to fascilitate the day for the "GLOBAL TAKUMBENG MOTHERS" of SOUTHERN CAMEROONS IN NIGERIA.

Paulette Mengnjo, the CEO of MAI initiative has a burning desire for charity and humanitarian activities for Southern Cameroonian refugees, to cushion their challenges.