By NBF News

A newly formed political pressure group, South-east Development Initiative (SEDI) has said that the South-east geo-political zone would not give in to the political gimmicks of its detractors whose intention is to create enmity between the zone and its brother, the South-south.

Noting that the South-east had continued to be at the receiving end since the many years of Nigeria's political adventure, SEDI said past events had shown that other parts of the country were in the habit of using the South-south to play politics with the South-east.

Speaking to newsmen in Awka yesterday on the aim and vision of the group, the National Publicity Secretary of SEDI, Mr. Emeka Onwusoronye said the need to define the political future of the people of the South-east had now become more apparent.

He said, 'when you look at the Nigerian political history, you will find out that Nigerians use the South-south zone to play politics with South-east knowing full well that we are brothers.

'This time around, we are not ready to play the second fiddle. By providence, Jonathan has risen to become the president and just last week, the PDP cleared him to run for 2011.

'So we want to rally round to ensure that there is a block vote for him in the South so that he can complete the Yar'Adua-Jonathan ticket given to them in 2007.

'Though we are not urging for sectional politics, we believe that Jonathan and Sambo ticket will set a forum that will guarantee security of lives and property, since our people are in all parts of Nigeria doing their business.'

On the vision of SEDI, the image maker said, 'our vision is to lay down resilient political and social structures whose mission is to enthrone government that will respect the civil and political rights of our people as Nigerians. The successful passage of SEDI constitution on Tuesday, July 27, by its general house has shown the determination of our people. We thank all the members of the national exco and individuals who have encouraged us so far. We believe that for the future to be meaningful it must get definition.'

Onwusoronye, however, lamented the actions of some 'political bigots' who make themselves available for the destabilization of the zone.

'The dire need to define a political pathway for ourselves as a people has been continually marred by nefarious activities of some political bigots and power usurpers, who have continued to make themselves cheap implements in the hands of power merchants who plunder the South-east in the huge merchandize of their political appetites. Today, the need to define the political future for our people has become more than apparent.

'SEDI is a child of necessity, borne out of the obvious need to respond to the yearnings of our people who have borne the crucifying and excruciating conditions of making Nigeria an entity on the watch by international community.

'SEDI is structured to help South-easterners, home and in diaspora, to have sense of belonging and participate actively in the quest to build political and social haven devoid of class or racial concept. Our power will rely exclusively on our formation of formidable social and political blocks capable of fostering unity and cohesion on political fronts to ensure block votes.

'SEDI will use no violent or militant means to drive her aspiration but must be consistent in the struggle against neglect, plunder or trivialization of our people's cultures and values. We know that our people traverse the entire corners of Nigeria and beyond, so, we cannot support government that will be less serious over security of lives and property.'