Goodseed Daily Devotional 19th September 2023

By Good News Bible Church London
Apostle George Amadi & Pastor Chika Amadi (Lead Pastors: Goodnews Bible Church, London)
Apostle George Amadi & Pastor Chika Amadi (Lead Pastors: Goodnews Bible Church, London)


SCRIPTURE: Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Romans 8:26.

It has been confirmed that praying in tongues is praying above the understanding of demons. When we pray in the Spirit, we bypass and confuse the opposition of the enemy. When you pray in the Spirit, the Spirit of God communicates through your spirit with God the Father. This means, God the Spirit and God the Father are talking using your spirit as a mouthpiece, and the devil cannot understand.

A former occultic person once said that there are two ways to confuse the devil and his agents in the kingdom of darkness: one way is to shout or praise God loudly. That was what made the wall of Jericho collapse (Joshua 6:20). Demons cannot stand an excited Christian.

Another way is to pray in tongues. When you pray in the Spirit, the kingdom of darkness would be confused; they cannot understand you.

I remember once as a young teenager preaching the gospel- we went into a village for evangelism and we were challenged by a witch doctor (native doctor) who told us never to come back to that village or we will all die. We all started praying in tongues for several minutes in that village and after prayers I told the man that we are coming back and we do not want to see him here again. Indeed to cut the long story short, we came back and the witch was no where to be found. He had packed his belongings and fled.

You see, this is the best way to handle a witch, native doctor or any agent of the devil that is trying to stop the fulfilment of God’s Purpose for your life; just release intercontinental ballistic missiles in tongues. Speak into their body, spirit and confuse the demons out of their head. Deal with demons by praying in tongue always.

Do it habitually.
PRAYER: Thank You for Your Word to me today. I receive Your grace to pray and confuse the activities of the enemy, in Jesus’ Name.

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