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Life without You

By Melanie Miller
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I can not imagine my life without you.
I would truly be sad and lonely and blue, if you wore not a part of my daily life.

I am your woman, your loving wife, and wish for us to be together all the time.

The chimes, they ring and the heavenly angels doth sing when we touch, hold and embrace.

You look into my eyes of azure green and kiss me gently on my lips.

You sigh as I touch your brazen manly face, and take in your breath, along with mine.

You make me feel alive inside and no need to hide my feelings from you, as you know me...

inside and out.
You're what love is all about, full of warmth and caring ways, and you are always there for me,

during the days and night time too.
You call me at work, just to let me know you're thinking about me and you smile at me,

when you come home and then hold me close into your arms.

You know...I can not resist your loving charms.
Yes~ I am all yours for the taking, there is no mistaking.

My heart would be breaking, if you wore not in my life, and I would cry a river of tears,

and this is something I should never even think about but sometimes I wonder if you would leave me,

forever and then life without you would be a bore.
I feel though that we shall never part and that you shall always be in my heart, soul and mind.

And I find I fall in love with you all over again each time we hold and kiss.

Yes...if ever you left me, I would saddly miss you my sweet love, but deep down I feel we will always be as one,

and harmonize in perfect harmony, we shall and forever be in love, my sweet man...

You seem to always understand me and my needs and you always love me for whom I am and not what I can do for you.

You are my true love and I am your true love as well.

We are the best of lovers and best of friends and you and I will always be happy together, this much I know.

the end