Memories of You

By Melanie Miller

Shadows dance in my mind and I find,
I am in love with you.
The wind carries me to you, and I see your figure before me.

Are you a ghost, are you an apparation?
Do you feel I am with you now?
I know somehow..we wore meant to be together.
But you are now gone, and all I can take into my soul,

is the are now in, and I wished it was me instead of you,

in that cold dark and lonely place.
I know I told you once that I needed my space, and now I wished,

I had never of said these words to you.
You wore my everything, and you always knew the right words to say.

You stayed with me when I was ill, and stood by me still, when bitter words wore exchanged.

I feel lost now without you in my life, and deranged in my mind.

I wish I could take all those callous words I spoke to you but it is too late...

I can not undo the past.
All I can do, is think of you, and what we had.
We wore the best of friends, and you always stood by my side.

You never ran away from our sweet love, you held me close and danced with me,

under that pale moonlight and told me you loved me, and whispered those words,

softly into my ear.
I think of the times we spent together, and alone now I am, without you by my side.

You kissed my cheek and smiled at me so beautifully, and caressed my womanly tresses.

I have been blessed by your love and can not stop thinking about you, even though you are now gone.

We can see one another one day in a paradise of dreams and we'll hold one another once again...

but for now, life must go on for me, and somehow..I will make it through each and every day,

as long as I have this picture of you in my mind, and I am not blind to our love we had...

I know it was a good thang, and the laughter we shared between one another and the tears, whether happy or sad...

we cried them together.
For now..I know I must not ponder on bad things, and always think of the way we wore together, so joyously in love, we wore.

You wore my husband and I your wife and I meant what I said when I told you, I would love you for eternity, yes...the rest of our life.

We are to be as one under that golden sunlight one day and dance the dance of all dances and romance each other in the heavens above.

Your love is what holds me together and I thank you for your kind and sweet devotion.

Such emotions do I feel when I think fond memories of you and I of a time gone past and I am here to say, at least..I know in my heart...

you will always love me and desire me alone, and at last, we shall be as one some day in a futuristic time.

We will kiss and cuddle, and even play in the mud puddles, like two kids and we'll dance all the way to France and Italy, and all over the country.

We will be as one true, and only you can wipe away all the blue, I may be feeling.

You are my magickal prince and I know in time, we'll see one another sweet babe.

And I feel you are watching over me, this very moment and I feel we are to fall in love anew, all over again..once we embrace in heaven.

You are the only one for me, and I shall always love you for all eternity and you will be all mine once again, my dearest lover and friend.

the end...