My Government Will Wear A Human Face – Dele Igbinedion

By Isaac Asabor
Barrister Dele Igbinedion
Barrister Dele Igbinedion

A former lawmaker, lawyer, human rights activist, author, and humanist, Barrister Dele Igbinedion, who is seeking the gubernatorial ticket of the Labour Party (LP) in view of flying the flag of the party come 2024 in Edo State has promised that his government will wear a human facewhen elected by the good people of Edo State as he would make the people the centre point of his government.

Igbinedion, who aspires to occupy the Dennis OsadebeAvenue seat of power under the platform of the LabourParty (LP), spoke at a recent media parley in Benin City, Edo State capital, and explained that his intention to adopta bottom-top approach is for the people at the grassrootsto feel the impact of government, saying that the people have from one political dispensation to another being deprived of such democratic prospect.

The people-oriented lawyer said that the sham called people-inclusive governance in the state would give way to an ideal People-Oriented Governance.

He added that his government would focus on good governance, infrastructural development, security, economy, education, and youth development, explaining that every effort that would be made by the government, under his administration, would be people-centred.

Unarguably buttressing his promise to run a people-oriented government, and put a human face on it, he said, “As understood in every democracy in the world, governance is about the people. Without dwelling much on this, the definition of democracy is explanatory enough. That is when understood from the perspective of its definition that says, “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people”, so, it is self-explanatory enough to conclude that it is a system of government in which laws, policies, leadership, and major undertakings of a state or other polity are directly or indirectly decided by the people.

He added, “We are going to run a government with a human face and ensure that the needed jobs are created to gainfully engage our unemployed youths.

“We are going to work with the people by partnering with them across all the local governments to record successes in the areas of security, infrastructure, and economic development. We will partner with relevant stakeholders to achieve this while also ensuring the judicious application of the state monies in these areas.”

He continued, “Given my explanation, it goes without saying that every policy of the government must be people-friendly, people-oriented, and people-valued but unfortunately, we have a government and we have had successive governments in this state that were, and still are anti-people, and even see the people as objects to be crushed, and as objects to be sat upon.

“So, with this, it is clear that when we come on board by next year by the grace of God we will definitely be doing things differently by bettering the relationship between the government and the people as we would be poised to bridge the widening gap between the people and the government”.

In his response to the question about what made him aspire to run a government that would wear a human face, Igbinedion said, “The ongoing government in the state is anti-people”. He explained, “Each time I look at the state of governance from the prisms of programmes and policies being executed since the commencement of the ongoing administration, close to 8 years ago, I see the implementation of some of the programmes and policies that have resulted in a situation where one can conclude that nothing is working in Edo and that the state is running on autopilot. A good example is the Central Hospital which has been brought down and a museum called, EMOWAN (MOWAA) which is being built in the place. No sane Government would do such!”