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When Kween Onakala released her single 'Come With Me', she instantly became the favourite of young male folks, with her suggestive chorus. Kween, as she is simply called in showbiz circles, says in this interview with Correspondent, Kemi Yesufu that she has evolved.

How will you rate your music?

It's doing well.

How about sales figures and concert appearances?

My album is not yet out, it would be out in a couple of months. What I have at the moment are two singles– 'Come With Me' and 'Jebelez', I am shooting a video for the latter and in a few weeks from now something new will be coming out.

Some people see 'Come With Me' as being too sexy for the Nigerian market, do you agree with this?

I cannot be shy about a song like 'Come With Me'. Everyone has this thing in him or her. We all want to be loved, we want people to show us love and I have decided to do this through music.

Do you see yourself as being a sex symbol?

(Laughter) I don't know about that I am who I am.

You are pretty, you must have been getting advances from men?

No comments.

Why? Are you being shy about it?

It's not that I am shy, I just don't want to discuss stuff like that.

I know that you started out in Abuja, moved to London and you're now in Lagos, would you say your music has evolved?

It has evolved. I have grown, from the first work I did with Pasuma– 'Olurombi'. If you listen to what I did then with what I am doing now, there is a whole lot of difference. As you grow older things change, you see things differently, you are a lot better than you were and that has really shown in my music.

Aside your music, what has changed about you?

Where I was 10 years ago is not where I am today. What I am experiencing now is different. I have learnt to be a better person. I have learnt certain things to improve myself.

Where do you see your music in five years time?

I hope it will be acceptable everywhere, both locally and internationally. It's not an impossible task, I know that God will announce me to the world.

Tell us about your growing up years

I grew up in Abeokuta, with my siblings and my parents. My primary education was there. I went to Ebonyi State for my secondary education, before coming to Abuja for my university education. I grew up with people who loved and cared for me, I grew up in a Christian home.

Are you a good Christian?

I go to church every Sunday, I do everything as godly as I can. I am not perfect, but I do my best to be in the presence of God and pray about anything I am doing or that I'm about to do.

Tell us how you and D'Banj came together for the duet in his album?

We were at the studio and he wanted me to do something with him because we were together in London. We were all doing stuff with JJC and the 419 Squad. It was when he was recording the song 'Don't Ask Me', that he said 'Kween do you wanna add something to this' and eventually I did. That was how that song came about.

Who does Kween love now?

I am in love with my son, my God, family and my fans.

Has being a mother changed you?

It has changed me in a lot of ways. I have learnt to love more, to be a great mother, to be patient, I have also learnt a lot of good things and it (motherhood) has added more years to my life. Being a mother is the best feeling in the world.

Why have you kept your son's father a secret?

I believe that whatever I want to share with people, I will share, and whatever I don't want to share I won't share. I am not going to say anything. It is not every dress you wash that you hang outside, you can't tell the world everything. There are some things that are personal and private and it has to stay that way.

Why didn't you marry your son's father?

Well, I have never been married, things happened and I am not going to throw away my child because I am not married. I got pregnant, I had my baby, and he is a fantastic boy. Nothing better has happened to me and I am very happy that I had him. Sometimes things don't happen the way you planned them; everyone wants to be married, but it doesn't happen to everyone immediately. So, the way it comes, you deal with it. I have found myself in a single mother situation and I have handled it well. Single parenthood hasn't taken anything away from me. And if I find myself married someday, fine! We all wish for the best and until it comes, I am happy with my current status.

What are the things you wish yourself?

I wish myself good health, long life, prosperity and happiness. I also wish myself all the good things of life and a husband.

What kind of husband are you looking for?

I want him to be a God-fearing person with plenty of love for me. Someone who will accept my son, who will care for me. He should also be an intelligent person that we can plan our future together and do great things.

Can you get that special person in the entertainment industry?

Wherever he comes from, it's fine with me. Honestly, north, east, south, west, within or outside the country; wherever, its love that matters. I don't really care about where he comes from.

What is your definition of love?

My definition of love is your definition of love. Love has no full meaning in that sense. Love is love; I don't know how else to break it down.

What would you like to change about the entertainment industry in Nigeria, if you had the power to?

I will love to see more women. It's more of a men affair right now, but I will love to see more women in the entertainment industry because there are just a few of us; more women in entertainment would be a good thing.

Why do you wear this particular Afro hairstyle?

I just felt like making a statement with it. I felt like doing something different, something people don't do regularly.

How are you picking your bills since your album is not out yet?

I am surviving; I do other things. My music is not basically about the money, if that (were) the reason I would have dropped 10 albums because I want to make money. If the money comes, it's a bonus, music is something I am passionate about. I love it with all of my heart. Don't let me go spiritual, but God has been providing for me the way he provides for you.

How do you cope with advances from men?

(Laughter) Let me ask you, how do you keep them off?

They are always afraid that I will write about them if they asked me out.

Me too, they (men) are afraid that I will sing about them if they make advances at me.

What informs what you wear?

The weather, the occasion, but I usually like to keep it simple because less is more. I just go with the flow really.