By NBF News

As the 2011 general election draws nearer, an aide to the Kano State governor, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, has said his boss, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, would spring surprises in the election.

Shekarau formally declared his intention to contest the presidential election on the platform of crisis-ridden All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP), on August 5.

Speaking exclusively with Daily Sun in Osogbo, at the weekend, Adebayo, who is the special adviser to Shekarau on Inter-Communities, stated that party or no party, Shekarau was posed to humble the ruling party come 2011.

The Ede, Osun State-born adviser described the governor as a man of vision and whose leadership quality had endeared him to a cross-section of Nigeria, who were yearning for the even development and progress of the country.

'Today, Shekarau has the answer to our country's problem, party or no party. We believe people will vote for him. I know you that is interviewing me will vote for him and if we can talk to you and you understand our reason, you too can talk to two others. That is what they call guerilla election. It is like guerilla warfare.

'The so-called big party will be humbled. We will humble them and they will see what they call government, how to rule people. They don't rule by force and Shekarau has never done it. He has never used any force for the past seven years in Kano and you know how volatile Kano used to be,' Adebayo stated.

He pointed out that the scorecard of Shekarau in Kano State, in the past seven years, coupled with his integrity, were enough selling points to him. 'Charity begins at home. He has been able to carry his people along. He has been able to carry all the other communities in his state along. Example is the Yoruba community that I represent. You are happy seeing me today. If the man can remember Yoruba community when he ruled a state as volatile as Kano, then what of when he is ruling a country.

'There will be alliances, meetings and consultation with people when the time comes. You will soon see where all our crisscrossing will come to. We have been doing that and we will continue to do it for the betterment of Nigeria,' Adebayo stated.