By NBF News

The House of Representatives Committee on Sports may today address a Press conference endorsing elections into the Board of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) slated for Saturday, but football aficionados warned that it will amount to endorsing illegality. They, therefore, urged the House to embrace honour, and not back illegality.

The elections have been described by many as illegal because the tenure of delegates that will vote at the election, state FA chairmen has elapsed. Under normal circumstances, the elections into the state football associations must be held before the national election.

But the former board led by impeached Sani Abdullahi Lulu, determined to perpetuate itself in office had changed the statues, so that state FA elections will come after the federal election. The amendment was rejected by FIFA.

Babatunde Aremu, member of the Nigeria Professional Group, could not believed that the House Committee on Sports which last week held a public hearing on football and listened as speakers after speakers condemned the procedure of the elections will today address a conference not only supporting the elections, but calling for the polls to be held, ''I don't believe the House Committee on Sports will issue a statement or call a Press conference supporting the elections.

If they do, that means there is no hope for our football in general. Because House members heard Nigerians called for the elections postponement last week because most of the delegates who will vote are not qualified because their tenures as State FA Chairmen has expired; second, most of them have been heavily compromised by Lulu with trips to Angola's Africa Nations Cup and even the South Africa 2010 World Cup, if we have the elections, they will be electing the same old men who killed our football.

I urge the member of the House to choose the path of honour and not to endorse the fraud that will take place on Saturday', Aremu said.