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Primate Ayodele
Equated with Nostradamus, a 16th century French Physician/Prognosticator, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church gained prominence for the accuracy of most of his predictions. He recently spoke with Sunday Sun in his modest office in the Oke-Afa, Isolo area of Lagos where he again reeled out several mind-blowing predictions. Excerpts…

INEC and Jega
This book (Warning to the Nations) was published in April 2010, in which I predicted that (former Independent National Electoral Commission chairman, Prof Maurice) Iwu will be removed and it came to pass. Let me tell you categorically that (Prof Attahiru) Jega does not have a solution to election rigging in Nigeria. Jega will disappoint Nigerians.

Don't expect any miracle from the man, as he will eventually compromise. He would want to do the right thing but the forces in operation would not let him conduct a credible election. There is an agenda, which will make Jega to disappoint Nigerians and the President himself.

2011 election
Expect a lot of happenings. There will be election in 2011 and President Jonathan and IBB will contest. But I can tell you that (Abubakar) Atiku, (Muhammadu) Buhari can never rule this country again. As for Jonathan, he will contest but he will not win. There will be rigging and all sorts of vices. We all saw what happened after the June 12 (1993) election was annulled.

I have told you and I repeat it that this democracy will break this country. Apart from democracy breaking this country, the issue of zoning will bring no good to the country. The solution is that Jonathan must not contest the election if you want peace. He should honour the gentleman agreement in the PDP(Peoples Democratic Party) so that the country can move forward. If Jonathan contests, he will win by force but it will cause a lot of problems for the country, and this country may break up as a result of it.

People may see this as a bad prediction, but for those that have ears let them listen to the warning of God. People may criticize it but it is a warning from God. For those that God loves, He reveals himself.

People are pushing Jonathan to run for presidency in 2011 but he should not listen to them. Old politicians will pitch tent against themselves that may result in another coup in Nigeria. In the interim, a sponsored coup is likely to occur. I know President Jonathan may not like what I'm saying, but he should not listen to sycophants.

We predicted last year that there would be changes in (late President Umaru) Yar'Adua's government. A lot of people criticized it. If Jonathan wants this country to be one indivisible entity, he should not contest next year's presidential election. I am not against Jonathan, but that is what God says. We are saying it the way God revealed it to us. This is not a matter of calculation; it is what God said.

I am saying it for the avoidance of doubt that Nigeria will break up. Whether we pray or not, it is the wish of God. I know many people may not like to hear this. Some may be saying why is this man talking like this, but it is what God has decreed. Nigeria will not experience peace until it breaks up. I don't know when it will happen but it will come to pass.

Let us pray for peaceful election. Lagos State governor, (Babatunde) Fashola, will be elected for a second term but it is not going to be easy for him. There will be problems in Ogun State because of the 2011 election as a greenhorn will emerge as the governor. Alao-Akala will be elected by force in Oyo and there is going to be problem in the state. In Ekiti, Oni will contest and will win. I did not see (Rauf) Aregbesola as governor of Osun. If the internal wrangling in the Osun State PDP is not resolved, they may not pick the right candidate for the election.

After the 2011 election, there is going to be agitation for a new state from the present Osun. Ijebu State is coming out of Ogun. A new state is coming out of Lagos but not at this time.

Niger Delta
The issue of militancy in Niger Delta is not over yet. Another set of militants will soon emerge.

House of Representatives
The House of Representatives will continue having crises until (Dimeji) Bankole is removed. Both (federal) legislative houses will come up with controversial bills that will cause confusion in the country. The present lawmakers will not carry out a good Constitution amendment. Another set of lawmakers will amend the Constitution that Nigerians will accept. A national conference that will negotiate Nigeria's future is on the way.

Elders of the Christian Association of Nigeria should leave the running of CAN to the youths. A reform is coming to CAN and we should pray against another religious crisis. If it is not prevented with prayers, the crisis will leave the country devastated.

Entertainment and education sectors
There will be crisis in ANTP (Association of Nigerian Theatre Practitioners) that will last for about eight years. The body will witness a lot of changes. Another faction will emerge from the present ANTP that will bear another name. We need to pray very well so that we don't lose a respected artiste this year.

The policy makers will change our educational system. The 6-3-3-4 system will be changed as well as the university education system.