By Lere Olayinka

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has described the just concluded national convention of the Action Congress of Nigeria

(ACN) as a gathering of failed and frustrated politicians, who only believe that Nigeria is all about Lagos State.

The PDP, in a statement signed by the State Chairman, Chief Bola Olu-Ojo noted that the 2011 presidential election was not going to be won by just Lagos politicians alone, adding that; “With the kind of politicians that gathered at that so-called convention, the AC or ACN people should just forget about the 2011 presidential poll and stop deceiving Nigerians on their preparedness for the election.”

“We glanced through the list of those who attended the convention and nothing warranted the gathering of being called a national convention because there was nothing national about it.

“It was simply a gathering of Lagos politicians and a sprinkling of failed former governors, some of whom were sent packing from office for non-performance and inhuman treatments to civil servants.

“The others were failed governorship candidates, who have in the last three years been littering our courts with frivolous petitions and who revelled in being addressed as 'AC governorship candidates.'

“Other faces that were seen at the so-called national convention were those of failed senatorial and house of representatives' aspirants, surrogates of former Lagos State Governor, Mr. Bola Tinubu who were imposed as AC candidates on States in the Southwest.

“Even when they claimed that they were going into alliance with two predominantly northern parties like the Democratic People's Party

(DPP) and All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP), we wonder why there was no single credible northern voice at the convention,” Olu-Ojo said.

While describing the new party as a stillbirth, the PDP chairman said; “When a man changes his identity all the time he wants to write an examination, it shows just one thing – failure!

“If they were successful as Alliance for Democracy (AD), they won't change to Advance Congress of Democrats, Democratic Peoples' Alliance

(DPA) and Progressive Action Congress (PAC), and latter Action Congress (AC). And if they have been successful as AC, they won't change their name to ACN now that elections are less than six months.”