NSDP Chieftain Set to Defect to PDP

By Chike Duru

…Says, Nigerian Leaders Murdered our Democracy
…Jonathan Righting the Wrongs Walter Duru Gubernatorial candidate of the National Solidarity Democratic Party, NSDP in Rivers state, during the 2007 elections, Eric Iyango has blamed Nigerian leaders for the Country's woes.

Iyango, who stated this while addressing newsmen recently, in Port Harcourt, argued that past leaders of the Country 'murdered our democracy'.

According to him, “Actually, now that God is specifically concerned about the leadership of the PDP, and indeed, Nigeria, things are changing. In the past, the leadership did not do enough, but today, they are learning, listening to advise, they have seen their mistakes and are ready to learn. Democracy is a learning process. At fifty, we are still crawling .Our democracy was murdered

by our leaders. The leadership of president Jonathan is correcting things and we need to have a good leadership in order to correct things in the country”.

Speaking on his planned defection to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, he says, “Yes, It is true that we are considering defecting to the Peoples Democratic Party. The reason is that, of recent, we have seen that all the factions in the PDP are coming together to build one Rivers State. We then thought that all the opposition parties should come together to synergies our

efforts to build a new Rivers State. More especially, the Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has severally called on opposition to come and join to move the State forward.

We have seen that extending the call to other political parties suggests that there is an unconditional love between the PDP and other parties coming together to build a New Rivers State and if truly we all have the fear and love of God, We can move Rivers State forward and it will be a better State and it will in no time be the Economic hub of Nigeria”.

On ensuring credibility in the 2011 general elections, he says “You see, credible election is only possible when the system is sanitized. If Jonathan, having promised the masses stands by his words, it is possible; but, the only way is to sanitize and overhaul from all strata, beginning from the electoral wards to the national. However, when people are hungry, they are willing instruments for manipulation. If poverty could be eradicated and the system sanitized, then credible elections will be possible. With Jega and Jonathan alone, it is difficult, but, if the entire system is sanitized, then there is hope. More so, the country must totally surrender to the Lord, Jehovah God and his Christ. It is only when you seek divine direction that you can think credible election. If not, it is very difficult”.

He however advised Nigerian leaders to embrace transparency and the fear of God in all their endeavours in order to move the Country forward.