Critics should stop maligning Prophet T.B Joshua—St. Paul Peters

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St. Paul Peters
St. Paul Peters
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By Emmanuel Ajibulu
St. Paul Peters is a dynamic and multi-talented Nigerian gospel artist who doubles as prophet. He recently released his debut album titled ''Bird Sings Holy Songs''. In his interaction with at a function in Golden Gate Restaurant Ikoyi, Lagos. He dwelt on some of the physical and spiritual attacks most men of God face (himself inclusive), the state of his album, and he however use the medium in advising people to desist from the act of disparaging men of God, and that men of God are seemingly answerable to God and not man.

Question: Beyond the production of your debut album (Bird Sings Holy Songs), what other expectations are you longing for?

Ans: The general acceptance of the album and my music virtually by all Nigerians, Africans and the entire world, regardless of their language, race or complexion, is a demonstration of the fact that I and my team have divine backing. Once my kind of music is accepted by the entire populace, it makes the job a bit easy getting to the nooks and crannies of the world. Preaching the good news of freedom from captivity of any kind of the love of the most high for mankind through my kind of music and probably my prophetic ministry. I want freedom for the entire human race. I think it is fair to show my unreserved appreciations to modernghana once more for.

Question: As a gospel artist/prophet what kind of event would you think you would like to partake in as a guest artist or participant?

Ans: Thank you very much. I sing at different functions like crusades, conventions, seminars, conferences, wedding, naming ceremonies, house warming, funerals, anniversaries infact any kind of church programmes. Apart from this sing at symposiums organised by NGOs, Local, State and federal government, some dignified societal gatherings, functions. I equally take part in events organised by corporate bodies be it promotional stuffs or kiddies stuff; I act as consultant for various companies in terms of jingles, adverts, sound tracks for movies, writing and composing theme songs. As an extension of my prophetic abilities I attend different denomination for programmes, preaching the gospel of Christ. Conducting of healings and deliverance sessions are part of what I do and I bless the name of the Lord for that because signs and wonders really manifest to the shame of the devil and to the glory of God. I do anything or everything about music so far its dignifying. God is so faithful in my ministration the blinds receive their sights, the cripples walk, the dumb speak, the deaf hear, dead are raised, demons are cast out; those under bondage are set free; all to the glory of Jehovah His grace remains sufficient.

Question: Recently we learnt that you experienced spiritual attacks, could you share some of the experience with us?

Ans: I bless the name of the Lord for everything in life. I had a vision early May 2009, that a strange reptile was sent to me and it went straight under my car to destroy the car and it later turned to a human being and later the human being was doubled. I woke up and discovered I was not myself my eyes were popping out of the sockets and my head was almost splitting into pieces. The following at home I received a call to come down stairs, I got there lo and behold I found a huge black crocodile under my car waiting for me to step close and attack me but to the glory of God I was rescued and people and some other senior men of God assisted me in killing it. Though it was very difficult before we could get it killed but at the end God took all the glory. My house is not in the forest neither is it close to the swamp, so how it got to my house to attack me I don't know and it's still remain a mystery. For some hours my house became a mini zoo, all this happened in the broad day light, physically not in the spirit realm.

Question: You as a Prophet and gospel artist, could you shed light on the Ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua, as there are wide spread rumours in the air maligning his image and that of ministry?

Ans: We have seen a number of prophets and other men of God being maligned and names being dragged to the mud, but honestly that is not the best approach to sensitive issues like that, people should learn to be careful. Who am I to condemn somebody that has been considered a man of God who is known globally for great signs and wonders, if he was involved in any wrong doing no man has the business of crucifying him. Critics should stop maligning Prophet T.B Joshua and other men of God. If there was any wrong doing on their part such matter should be left for divine judgement. Prophet T.B Joshua with due respect is not the only man of God in the news anyway, people like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Rev. Chris Okotie, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Pastor Ayo Oristejafor, Prophet Abiara, Pastor Obadare, Bishop David Oyedepo, Senior Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo and even Baba Adeboye are some of the men of God that are not spared, its quite unfortunate. I think people should go on their knees and ask for forgiveness of sins. I could still remember very vividly when the new Ghana President His Excellency Mr. John Atta Mills came for thanksgiving ceremony at Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCAN), at Ikotun, Lagos Nigeria, rejoicing that the prophet predicted his victory, there were still number of controversies which followed that. My brother that is all I can say about that.

In recent times you said some con men and swindlers have been calling you and sending funny mails, what can you really make of this?

Ans: In summary I foresaw it, I expected it and it came. Such can't be over ruled but the grace of God is sufficient for me and he's going to see me through. I don't deal with con men and I don't engage myself into any shoddy deals, I'm a straight forward person, I expect more mails from sincere and upright people who have genuine intentions.

Questions: You have 8 tracks in your album, which one would you considered as your favourite and why?

Ans: I love all the tracks on my album, but there is this particular one I chose to be my favourite because it talks about freedom for the entire human race. Be it black or white, Mongolian or culcacian. And that is what I preach, the love of God and emancipation for the people of the planet earth. Oneday, someday we shall attain it oneway or the other in our individual lives.

People have said you don't love talking about your mother in most of your public appearances, is there any truth in this?

Ans: This is absolutely not true; I will say she is a very cool headed person, she's not really an introvert if I must say, but she's also a gospel singer, I was told that when she conceived me there was a day something entered into her on one particular Sunday at Ilesha and the baby in her leaped, and that was me. It was later interpreted to be the spirit of music. Little wonder why St. Paul Peters sings. My mama's name is Rev. Mrs. Victoria Agboola and she's been very supportive in my dad's ministry Pastor Dr. Peter Agboola her husband who by the grace of God he is the District Superintendent in Christ Apostolic Church precisely at Olodi Apapa in Lagos State, under the presidency of Pastor (Dr) EHL Oluseye. A gain I will not hesitate to say I love my mama so dearly and I can't ridicule her for anything, she's a mum indeed.

Question: You are a resident in Nigeria, why do you normally choose modernghana as your reliable medium of reaching out to your local and international audience?

Ans: I usually log on to your site and sincerely the information therein is in strict compliance of journalism tenets. You are one of those decent media practitioners who will not demand or take any gratification to colour your story, your investigative work is awesome and commendable. I appreciate the spirit of professionalism embedded in the team of Modernghana contributors and staff; thumb up for you. Thank you very much for giving me voice, May God blesses you all.

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