Ron De Santis’s Bold Stance For A Culture Of Life And Protection Of The Unborn Babies

By Tony Ademiluyi
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Ron De Santis

The end of the Second World War in 1945 saw the emergence of the United States as the world’s dominant superpower which it has maintained for the last 78 years.

The dollar is the currency of the world and Hollywood has been used as a soft power cultural propagandist tool that has greatly done a lot of public relations for Uncle Sam as she is fondly called.

Its elections are keenly followed all over the world as policies made in Washington DC either via the White House or Congress make the world catch a cold.

The country will go to the polls in 2024 which is around the corner and many names have been thrown up in the two dominant political parties – Republicans and Democrats. The current incumbent, Joe Biden is up for re-election and he faces one of the lowest approval ratings ever in the history of American electoral politics thereby implying that he is extremely unpopular.

However, popularity doesn’t necessarily win elections in America. If in doubt ask George Bush Sr who was very popular having successfully prosecuted the Gulf War in Iraq only to be dislodged in 1992 by the then youthful Bill Clinton who was a largely unknown Governor of the backward State of Arkansas running under the slogan ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’

Ron De Santis came to American consciousness for his conservative and pro-life views and actions as the Governor of Florida. The former Naval officer educated at two Ivy Leagues – Yale and Harvard, has formally announced his intention to succeed Biden.

He said: “I stand for a culture of life and in Florida the protection for unborn babies starts when there is detectable heartbeat,” he said. “And now there are exceptions for rape, incest life of the mother, victims of human trafficking and all that. And that was important to a lot of our legislators and people in Florida.”

He said that passing the Florida heartbeat law to legally protect unborn children “was something that was very, very important.”

“Iowa has similar, but you know, this is something that is a bottom up movement,” the governor added.