Treasures of Life

By Melanie Miller

The many treasures of life, has been spent with loving you.

The treasures I sought wore being with you alone.
You are my treasure and I shall always treasure you for life!

I am your loving wife, and wish to pleasure you whenever I desire to.

You are that candle in the wind and you always make me feel alive and content.

I do not resent any thing we had together in the past, and still have my love.

We treasure one another's company.
You are my soul-mate and fate brought us together, and now...we are as one,

and you are my special man and I will treasure the times we spent together, forever.

So stay with me and I shall love you always.
I put away our memories in my treasure chest, and think of things we did long ago,

and I know we will love one another as the days go by.

And when the hour glass is spent, we flip it over again and watch the grains of sand,

flow through the glass and I smile and think of the past.

We had such fond moments together and memories linguer on in the corner of my mind.

I find we are each others true love and I shall always treasure you...and you the same for me.