Breaking Generational Curses (3)

By Gabriel Agbo
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Rev Gabriel Agbo

There are also other things that can bring family, generational curses. Like spilling of blood, sexual immorality and exploitation, betrayal, mockery, treachery, stealing, cheating, etc. Some families are struggling with difficult curses today because their parents or grandparents killed people, especially the innocent. In January 2008, I wasinvited to join a church in planting one of their branches in a village. As we entered the new church premises, I noticed that it was a residential building with untidy surroundings; grasses, and littered with household properties. Even fruits in the compound were left to ripe and rotten. Only the part of the building where the new church would start was cleaned and repainted. Later, I overheard the elders of the church discussing how the church got the place. The villagers gave the entire property free-of-charge to the church. All the members of that family had died suddenly and mysteriously- parents, children, young and old. What happened? An innocent visitor was murdered in that place and the family denied knowing whatever happened to him. This brought a curse of sudden and rapid death upon the family. Both their young and old began to die one after the other. In fact, we were told that the descendants of the family who were married or lived outside the place also died. My God!

Then, as we were continuing with the inaugural crusade that evening, we were also informed that an extended member of the family, who had tampered with the properties of the late relatives, was also lying critically ill. He was at the point of death. The villagers requested that we pray with him. Terrible! Can you believe this? A whole family - the young, the old, descendants and even extended family members being wiped off because of the murder of just one innocent person. We must indeed be very careful of what we do in this life. When you kill, when you murder another human being, the event does not just stop at that. The blood becomes restless and keeps crying for vengeance. And it can do that for many generations to come. Blood is very powerful. In fact, the word of God said that the life of a being is in the blood. Blood speaks. And we can see that physically and spiritually. It also said that anybody that kills should also be killed. Now, even when you were not caught in the act, heaven sees you and the curse will still come for you and your family. It is the curse of death with other terrible ones. Don’t commit murder, don’t waste blood because you have the power or in a position to do it. Don’t instigate, plan, observe, conspire or encourage it. Be careful! When Cain killed his brother Abel, the brother’s blood refused to be silenced. It kept crying until God heard it and responded by cursing and banishing Cain. He was made a wanderer, a vagabond and a fugitive. The earth was also cursed because of this. Sometimes, when you see this wandering, vagabond, restlessness, much movement and less results and unproductive spirit in individuals, families and communities, just check their foundation. It could be as a result of spilling of blood and generational curses. When David indirectly murdered Uriah, God punished him and cursed his family and generations to come. Sadly, Israel still suffer because of this till today. When Ahab and Jezebel murdered Naboth, God also arranged their own shameful and painful death and cursed their family. I remember he told Jezebel that dogs will also lick her blood at the same place they licked Naboth’s. When Judas secretly betrayed, conspired and killed Jesus, he was cursed. He hung himself and his family was made desolate. There is no secret before God. Be careful! Is your family cursed?

Just look at this scripture before go on, “This will ensure that the land where you live will not be polluted, for murder pollutes the land. And no atonement can be made for murder except by the execution of the murderer. You must not defile the land where you are going to live, for I live there myself. I am the LORD, who lives among the people of Israel.” Numbers 35:33-34. Did you read that? Murder pollutes the land. Murder pollutes lives. It pollutes families. It pollutes nations, etc. Do you still wonder why our families and country are heavily polluted by crimes, violence, mass shootings, suicides, strange diseases, filthiness and unproductiveness? Spilling of blood! They have been terribly polluted by the blood of the innocent that is daily spilled on the altar of satanic rituals, quest for quick money, fame, position and power. They have been polluted by blood ofpeople murdered every day.

Our land is polluted by the reckless abortions, poisoning and witchcraft killings of innocent souls in the land. Just listen, look around and listen to news - it is murder, bloodshed, betrayal, violence everywhere! In fact, there is no value for blood and life any more. Even the so-called places of worship are not excluded. We saw how a very promising young female minister was poisoned by her own ‘evil’ workers. The other day, we saw how a baby disappeared in the children department of a supposed worship place at Akure. And it is not just about Akure. It is happening all around us. True. We read daily how people suddenly disappear, are dismembered and are used for rituals and sacrifices by these agents of Satan; sometimes by their own trusted friends and relations. Though, this happens everywhere, some towns and states have unfortunately become notorious for it. Blood, blood everywhere! The blood, like that of Abel, is crying very loud and asking for revenge on the murderers, their conspirators, their families and the land. We will continue.

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