Governor Ortom Kicks Against President Buhari’s Plan To Relocate To Niger republic After Leaving Office

By Damilare Adeleye

The outgoing Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, has strongly showed resentment over President Buhari's plan to relocate to Niger Republic should he be uncomfortable in Nigeria after leaving office.

Governor Ortom, however, asked the President to perish the thought and stay back in the country to enjoy the country allegedly ruined by his maladministration.

The governor regretted that the once- vibrant economy that Buhari inherited in 2015 have been crippled in eight years due to lack of vision and ineptitude.

“Buhari should not relocate to Niger Republic after leaving office. He should stay here with us.

“He has taken us from top to bottom. So, let him go no where. Let’s all stay here and work for the incoming administration, and by God’s grace move from bottom to top again.”

He added: “I remember when some of us had the privilege of serving under President Goodluck Jonathan, we were talking Nigeria from bottom to top to a certain level, but now we are at the bottom.”

The governor also categorically alleged that “corruption resides in the (Presidential) Villa”.

Ortom further accused the Nigeria seat of power of orchastrating his defeat at the senatorial poll.

The Governor who, however, said that he had forgiven and let go, claimed that power beyond him wanted him out by all means “because they thought I was on their way.”

“The celebration of my defeat which was orchastrated by the (Presidential) Villa showed they wanted me out at all cost. Monies were spent to stop me.

“People talk of corruption but corruption is in the Villa itself. I know how much was spent by the Villa on Benue to ensure that I lose election.

“Yes I lost. Fine and good, God permitted it and I have accepted it. I have accepted to move on.

“They thought I was on their way but I wasn’t on their way. All I did was to ensure justice and equity for all.”

Meanwhile, when asked what his relationship with his successor would be, Ortom said he would offer advice if his advice were solicited.

On life after power, the outgoing Governor said he would return to his farming career or take up job as a freelance journalist.