Conservatives may block US Citizenship for kids of visitors and illegal aliens

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The Conservative party in the US may have taken the disdain for immigrants, especially Hispanics, to another level, as they push for a review of the 14 th Amendment in the US Constitution. This amendment bestows automatic citizenship on any child born within the jurisdiction of the United States. The move is to stop kids born by illegals, and visitors in the US from getting citizenship.

This is coming on the heels of the controversial Arizona Immigration law which required the state police to check immigration status of anyone they come in contact with. But the statute failed when the Federal Government challenged the law in court where Susan Bolton set aside the statute declaring it unconstitutional as immigration is an exclusive preserve of the federal government.

Majority Leader, Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada, has described the move as ridiculous saying “ they have taken leave of their senses and principles”

The move will affect all those in the US illegally whose kids born here become citizens, and pregnant visitors who make trips to the US with the sole objective of getting citizenship for the child born here. This category of kids is tagged “anchor babies”.

Republicans, Lindsay Graham , Jeff Sessions, Minority Leader, Mitch McCommel, Rand Paul, John McCain, Jon Kyl, and Nathan Deal , and Lamar Smith are some of the frontline supporters of this move.

However, they have a plan B if the move to change the constitution fails. They have introduced the Birthright Citizenship Act Bill with 93 sponsors.

The Republicans are calling for a hearing on the issue, because according to them, it is immoral, and out rightly wrong to award illegals fro breaking the law. They argue that since children of diplomats born here do not get citizenship, illegals and visitors should be deprived as well. however learnt that the issue is fast becoming a political hot potato for Republicans who would need huge Hispanic votes. Most Hispanic groups have condemned the move saying it is targeted at them.

Politicians in states with high Hispanic population- Texas, Nevada, California, Arizona, New York are treading carefully on the issue as the November elections approach. Even Minority Leader, McCommel seems to have backtracked.

One of the rabid critic of the Federal government's handling of immigration issues, CNN's Lou Dobbs surprisingly kicked against the move by the Republicans. According to him “ the idea that anchor babies some how require changing the 14 amendment, I part ways with the senators on that because the 14 th Amendment, particularly in its due process, and equal protection clauses, is so important …it lays the foundation for the entire Bill of Rights being applied to the states”