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An Islamic scholar and founder of Sawiyatul-Hamani, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos State, Ustadh Abdul-Mumin Muhammadu-Raji has urged Nigerians to be righteous while alive to enable them reap the reward of righteousness in the hereafter.

He made the call in Lagos at the weekend in a sermon he preached at the eighth day fidau of late Alhaja Wasilat Amope Oladeinde, the mother of the Daily Sun, Deputy Editor (News), Alhaji Abdul-Fatah Oladeinde.

According to the cleric, one of the three major companions of man or woman after death 'is his or her good deeds while on this mother earth,' saying 'the other two are beneficial projects they left behind for humanity and righteous children that would be remembering them through prayers and acts of charity.' The cleric warned that 'nobody should expect rewards from what he never did right while alive, reminding that 'since God is not gullible, He will never allow anybody to reap where he never sows.'

Against this background, Muhammadu-Raji admonished that 'everybody should strive to put forward in advance, good deeds that would earn him great rewards that would make paradise certain,' reminding that 'when death comes, it is the beginning of the journey of no return.' Among the good deeds expected of a good Muslims after the mandatory five pillars of Islam, according to the cleric included good neighbourliness, love for all without discrimination, dissemination of positive knowledge that would be beneficial to mankind, putting smiles on the faces of sad people, leading by examples and preventing people from doing evil.

While praying for eternal rest for the departed soul, Muhammadu-Raji expressed hope that 'she would rest in peace because she lived a fulfilling life of a true Muslim,' saying 'our mother, Wasilat Amope Oladeinde possessed all the qualities that would guarantee her the highest abode in paradise (Al-Janatul-Fridaus).' At the well attended ceremony, Abdul-Fatah Oladeinde, on behalf of his family and siblings expressed gratitude to Allah and appreciation to those who made out time to be part of the occasion.

'We feel honoured and comforted. May Allah grant you and your family comfort and sustenence. May you never lack when you need support. And may Allah reward you bountifully,' Oladeinde prayed.