A call for Investments To Boost Local Arts Market

By Clement Alphonsus
 Keturah Ovio (Director of Patrons MCAA)
Keturah Ovio (Director of Patrons MCAA)

A Director of Patrons MCAA, an art advisory and dealership firm, Keturah Ovio, admits that Nigeria requires huge private and public investments to drive the local arts market.

While announcing an upcoming miniature art exhibition known as small and Iconic scheduled between March 24 and 26 on Friday, Ovio said Nigeria is among the biggest arts markets in Africa, but several aspects of the industry will only require support to manifest.

“Nigeria’s art market is dynamic. We are already in the international scene. We are prominent in Art Dubai, Cape Town Art Fair, Loop in Barcelona, 1:54 in London and even at the International Fair of Contemporary Art in France.

“However, the challenge is that more young artists require funding and policy support to unleash their potential and talents. It does not have to be established persons or entities all the time,” Ovio said.

On the forthcoming exhibition scheduled to take place between March 24 and 26 at The Art Hotel in Lagos, Ovio said the event would be exciting and enable hardworking Nigerians enjoy some relaxation.

Ovio noted that all the four exhibitors are women, which is deliberately targeted at celebrating the International Women’s Day.

“In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023 and the month of March being celebrated globally as Women’s History Month, it is only fitting that we feature women changing the narrative and taking charge of their career paths in the African art industry,” she said.

She added that Nigeria has the potential to tap into the $65.1 billion global art market, but regretted that Africa lags in the global comity of arts countries owing to low government support.