At Last! Singer SKales Wife Accepts His Apology

By Agboola Ibrahim

Precious Hassanity, the wife of popular Nigerian singer, Skales has taken to her official social media page to express acceptance of her husband's apology.

Recall that March 15th, 2023, Hassanity marked her birthday and Singer Scales posted on his page a lengthy letter of apology to her. He also promised to be a better man.

Scale's apology was to resolve past wrangle with Hassanity. Recall that Skales and his wife unfollowed each other on Instagram on October 2022 after a disagreement between them. Skales accused his wife of feigning mourning for the death of his mother.

However, in previous' post, Skales apologized to her as he noted that he allowed his temperament to control him.

Finally, in reaction to Skale's apology, Skale’s wife, Precious Hassanity accepts him and says remarkable words and prayers to him.

She wrote, “My dearest husband, I am proud of the man you are becoming,thank you for showing me how much you love and care for me, I also apologize for my mistakes, as I’m also learning everyday to become a better woman.

I pray God continue to give me the strength to become a better woman and wife to you as we learn everyday and we agree to disagree.. From this moment on, pray for bliss and more Grace in our marriage. I love you my king!!”