Akpabio and the talk of 'Mbadinuju' type of treatment

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Dear Editor, Reading the interview that Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio granted many print media including the Nigerian Tribune published July 28, 2010, one sees in him a governor that is disturbed. The headline of the serialized interview was ' The Opposition Wants to Give Me Mbadinuju's Treatment '. What is Mbadiniju's treatment? One understands that Mbadinuju who was governor of Anambra State between 1999 and 2003 was abandoned by the PDP party for Dr. Chris Ngige . What merited PDP dropping Mbadiniju is what Akpabio fears.

  But the opposition had earlier shouted it loud and clear that Akpabio's government has and is still planning to give Dikibo's treatment to some of them. What is Dikibo's treatment? One understands that Dikibo was the Deputy National Chairman (South-South) of the Peoples Democratic Party , the PDP. He was murdered is a very suspecting manner, on his way to Delta State for a meeting. Since then, the Judiciary through the Police has found it difficult to convict those suspects of the dastardly political killing.

  Akwa Ibom has witnessed some political-motivated assassinations and kidnappings in recent time and this has given rise to so many notable Akwa Ibom politicians operating outside the State for fear of their lives. There have been accusations and counter-accusations with both side of the divide positing to be the victim. But one wonders why a governor said to be collecting more than N1.5billion monthly from the State's coffer as Security Vote not fight insecurity in his domain. This will definitely count against him if the situation continues and such could get him the Mbadinuju's treatment he is complaining of. Come to think of it; one wonders what the State governors are doing with those huge amounts of monthly Security Votes that they draw.

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