Missing You

By Melanie Miller
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Here I sit, in dispair, thinking of you and I, as we dance under the moon....and stars.

Here I am thinking of only you, and the love we shared together a long time ago.

I day dream of you fondly, and hoping you will return to me soon.

I long to marry you one day, if you come back to me, and we can make love and be as one,

if you will only have me back again.
We can kiss and romance one another and poetry you can read to me by and old oak tree.

We can smile at one another, only if it is for a moment's breath.

We can inhale one anothers soul, and want for each others body, laying next to one another.

We can make our own vivid and sweet romance, and dance the dance of all dances, and caress each other tenderly.

I want you to come to me in my dreams and want for you to come to me in real life as well.

I may cast a witches spell for you to love me like you used to do, and take my hand in yours and be my husband.

I desire only you and you alone, there is none other, I love or trust but you my dearest love of all time.

You make me feel happy inside and even though we are far apart from each other, I still feel you are near me, and thinking of me as well.

Yes, you are the only man I love and dream of, no one can hold a candle to you, my prince....

And we are to be as one again, I feel in a distant future.

When we get back together, And I feel we shall, we will celebrate our love and marry each other, and have a family all our own.

No need to roam and find another, as your true love has been here for you, all along.

For now..I will be strong inside my mind and await for your return.

Soon, you shall desire me alone and come to me, as I am going to cast this lovers' spell on you, and you won't want for another,

and we shall be man and wife one day, I just know it in the shadows of my mind and will fall in love anew, as we embrace passionately.

So come to me my enchanting white knight and we shall take a magickal flight together to the heavens above and fall madly and deeply in love,

all over again.